Upon the stage is two pumpkins, one with the initials SW carved into it and the other with a comical looking dinosaur. Around the stage and the audience is Halloween decorations and sweets galore for the audience to feast on. No, it’s not a haunted house for Halloween to trick the people in the room instead it’s a treat in the form of a comedy improv act called the Spontaneous Wrecks.

A fun filled night of laughter
A fun filled night of laughter

Sitting in the top floor of the Bridge Hotel in a dimly lit room waiting for the comedy troupe to begin their show, a great venue for an improv show like this. It’s small enough to really immerse yourself into the show as well as being at a nice distance away from the stage to get a fantastic view.
The first game, like many of them tonight, is Halloween themed (well, it is the Improbusters Halloween special!) and consists of a torch being shone at random improvisers to continue to next part of the story whether it’s mid sentence mid word or mid anything the next person has to seamlessly continue the story – completely improvised of course!
Throughout the show there are many different games that they do which all include suggestions from the audiences which lead to hilarious results. Some of them mean audience members have to write on paper to technically direct where a scene goes and others just mean people just shout out ideas when asked. Some of the games shone above the rest, not because they were better (improv is different every time) but because of the outcomes specifically of that nights suggestions. Some of the highlights include:
+ A game where the audience members have to choose the dialogue for the scene. Tonight’s was in a bathroom where an argument was taking place over a sponge and a marriage counsellor randomly appears.
+ A party where the host had to guess what each of the guests cams as. The host had to guess a Tourette’s person who blurts out random vowels, Bill Murray (who wanted lots of Japanese whisky), dark Belgium chocolate and someone whose last word of everything he said must rhyme with a type of shoe (hip-hops, hoots, cocks and kippers anyone?)
+ The improv orchestra singing a song about tax returns when each member sings a random part of a band.
+ The pun play off – the last game of the evening where all the improvers go head to head to see who is the king of making up a new pun.
This is a great night out for anyone who wants to do something a bit different when visiting Newcastle. The next show is in December and is prepared to be a Christmas spectacular. To find out more about Spontaneous Wrecks click here to like their Facebook page by clicking here.