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A Little Thing Called Music – Soundtrack of Life

I love listening to music and I went to my Spotify the other day trying to decide what to listen to and realised i have way to many playlists! I have absolutely hundreds of them, some our monthly playlists so that I can keep all  my songs I like from that month in one place, others are playlists of albums i like, and others are different genres or they have really random names. The wonder of the way that we now access music these days, online, on the phone, through spotify, social media sites such as Facebook it can sometimes feel that we are exposed maybe to too many songs. When I was younger i used to love buying Cds and downloading new albums when they came to itunes as I had been waiting too long for it where as now you don’t event have to wait for the album to be released before you start hearing loads of the songs on it. More and More bands are releasing songs sporadically off their new albums to promote to their fans and to get them excited about whatever is left on the album.

I noticed this a lot more in the past week with the band Simple Plan. Simple Plan was one of those albums I bought when I was a teen on a whim. I didn’t buy their album because I thought their music was cool, or because i had been waiting for their album, no, I was looking at random bands in HMV and looked at the track listing and noticed that Mark Hoppus from Blink-182 appeared on a song. From that point on i didn’t care if the album was good or even if the songs were going to be good or bad, all i knew is that i HAD to have it. When i got it i ended up loving the album so much that i was always on tenderhooks waiting for the announcement of their new album, and there was massive gaps between, as with most of their albums, but you couldn’t access new music unless is was a single.

Mark Hoppus - album seller

Mark Hoppus – album seller

I was just cruising through Spotify about a month ago and noticed a new song, called Saturday and i was like cool, hasn’t been that advertised as far as i know but good to see there is a new song. Then a week or so later I noticed ANOTHER new song called I don’t Want to be Sad  and i was a little dissapointed that music was coming out but it was just songs not really forming the so called single you expect. Jump through to Friday and I finally saw an advert for a new music video for ANOTHER new song called I dont wanna go to bed without you. Now, i liked it a lot, most of their i do as I quite like them, however it made me sad the way that these days even though you do want it to, it is a bit sad that advertising isn’t really the same anymore when it comes to songs.

So, this got me thinking, if i was limited to listening to only 10 songs for the rest of my life what would they be? Yes, this is a bit like desert island discs but i am giving myself 2 more songs because I can. Here is the ones I thought of and the reasons why. It wasn’t an easy question as there are so many songs i love and i am sure if you asked me ten years ago or ten years in the future it would change again

1) Time is Running Out – Muse 

This song has always firstly been my favourite Muse song and also one of my favourite songs. There is something about it i just love. It needs to be played full blast and on a speaker or a headphone that has a really good bass. I hardly listen to it but whenever I do it takes me to a great place.

2) Olly Murs – Heart Skips  Beat 

This has and always will be one of my favourite Olly songs and I can listen to it on repeat and it will never annoy me instead it just makes me happy and makes me want to just dance and smile. I listen to this song a lot if i am home sick or missing people.

3) Blink-182 – After Midnight

There are many Blink-182 songs that could of made the list but the reason that i chose this one was is because it is still relatively new and i don’t think i would get fed up of it as easier as some of the other song. I fell in love with it when i first heard it, then i over played it and havent really listened to it since.

4) Backstreet Boys – Larger Then Life

This song is another one on the list that is in my feel good list. Whenever i hear it, i just want to dance and sing at the top of my voice. If you are stuck listening to a song for a long period of time like forever then you want something that will make you feel like this!

5) Oasis – She’s Electric

This i would say is my favourite Oasis track and i love putting it on and singing along to it. Out of all their songs this one I never get bored of and i love the guitar at the beginning it always reminds me of sunshine!

6) Fall Out Boy – Thnks Fr the Mmrs

This song brings back a lot of good memories for me whenever i hear it, this song takes me right back to it and its around the time that I absolutely loved FOB as they were quite emo but had such an addictive album.

7) Panic! At the Disco – Nicotine

Another song I cannot imagine without in my life. It is so so so so addictive. I tend to know that i love a song if i start to come up with a music video concept for it in my head. Yes it is probably the creativeness in me but this was one of those songs that as soon as i heard it i had a great idea for a video then the one above was released and i was severely dissapointed.

8) The All-American Rejects – Move Along

This song always puts me in a positive mood, it always pushes me if i am feeling down and i think if you were stuck listening to a song for a long period of time then you would want something like that.

9) Pulp – Common People 

I don’t really know what to say about this song apart from that i love it, I love the story concept of it and i dont think i would get bored of it.

10) Zebrahead – Hello Tomorrow 

One of my favourite songs, its one of those songs you just start jumping about to and dancing like a loon. I have been to 3 Zebrahead concert and each time i hear this song i dont want it to end.

Next Week – Music Videos of the mind…

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