A Little Thing Called Music. – Walking inside a real life film…

I am walking down the high street, minding my own business, going from point A to point B when suddenly the world changes, it becomes a dark place, everything is in slow motion, I am needed, my powers are needed to save someone, to change the world to save the day!….. Well, ok..no.. not really but that is how I feel when the song Dream Is Collapsing from Inception comes on in my headphones.

I am a big fan of OST of films and I love the fact that when you are listening to your music on random on your ipod and then suddenly one pops on and the really dramatic ones make you feel like you really ARE in a film and that you must do something to help. Now, I am a very creative person and my mind is always ticking like clockwork on something new and creative everyday but is it just me who feels like this when a song from a film comes on and you are walking down the high street?

There are so many different songs that when they pop onto my ipod I instantly feel my mood change whether it is a song that is really sad from a film, or its a song that is up and dancey, if it is from a film and I KNOW it from a film you can gurantee that the girl that is walking past you in the high street that looks like she is lost in her thoughts is actually coming up with a crazy scenario in her head relating to the song that she is listening to.

Now sometimes, you can have the whole of your music on shuffle and there is a coincidence happy accident where an OST song can perfectly fit the mood and the surroundings that you are in; this happened to me the other day. I was in an old fashioned village with Castle Ruins and the opening song from The Monuments Men Popped onto my ipod and it just felt right, you can imagine old time soldiers walking around the area as it was an old area of England and it suited the atmosphere perfectly.

Here are some other songs from films on my ipod and the scenarios that they can create in my mind:

Everything Comes Around – Looper

This is the only song that I have from the soundtrack and whenever it comes on I instantly start feeling a sad and weird disturbance around me like everything around me is not real, that something is not right with the scenario that I am in.

The End? – Sherlock Holmes and a Game of Shadows

When this song comes on the mood feels like I am about to go on an adventure with an unknown and exciting outcome. I love the piano in it as well, it makes me feel like I should be walking down the street in a long coat. 

I Want to Be a Producer – The Producers

Whenever this starts to play I just want to start dancing down the street and have magically a bunch of dancers behind me and we all know the same dance routine.

Can I Have This Dance – High School Musical

Magically a Zac Efron will appear and we will start dancing and singing down the street making everyone jealous….hey a girl can dream right?!

Next week – Voice Melters…

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