Podcast of the Week – Fighting Talk, BBC Radio 5 Live

Now, if you are a sports fan, then this is going to be a podcast that you will not want to miss and will want to start listening to as soon as possible. Already into it’s 13th Season, this podcast is all about sport and will feed your sporty appetite and don’t worry that it already has many episodes as you can come into it at any time.

Radio 5 Live

Radio 5 Live

Fighting Talk is a podcast that looks at the world of sport and the the guests compete for points with their sporting punditry. The podcast started in 2004 with Johnny Vaughan and Christian O’Connell presenting. Since then, there has been many different presenters over the years including Matt Johnson, Colin Murray and Jonathan Pearce with the most recent being Josh Widdicombe and Georgie Thompson.

Fighting Talk presenters with guests

Fighting Talk presenters with guests

The show is aired on Radio 5 Live saturday mornings between 11 and midday and is based around the ESPN show Around The Horn. Each show follows the same format, there are four guests who in turn talk about recent sporting events with their wit and knowledge about sport. The final section of the show is called Any Other Business where both hosts and guests can talk about anything else they want to discuss. If you listen to the radio show live, then you can phone up and participate with the discussions that are occurring. 

If you are interested in sport then I highly recommend this podcast as it looks at sporting events in a different and also comical way. It doesn’t just discuss the normal everyday sports such as Football, it talks about a whole array. Not all seasons are available but there is always an episode available that is guaranteed to make the biggest sports fan laugh out loud.

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