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A Little Thing Called Music. – First Times…

Hello, welcome to a new section to the Phoenix blog. Music has always played a massive part in my life, in a metaphorical sense, I eat, breath and sleep it. As much as I love comedy, music is my first love and I have been cheating on it a lot lately with comedy. So I thought it was time to bring something a bit different to here that is not just about a new band, or one you should be watching etc. I wanted to write something a bit more, well, personal. I have many different stories to tell around the world of music which have some funny reflects on my life that you can read for your leisure or just to laugh at me – your choice!

So before starting this weeks topic, let me first introduce you to my musical world. I began playing the keyboard at the age of three and was introduced to music at a very young age. When I was in school I learnt to play the recorder, and in years 4 to year 6 I learnt to play the violin (but hated my tutor so deliberately didn’t practice to annoy her).

I taught myself how to play the keyboard properly from the age of 13  (with chords and fingering with the left hand, before i was just playing the notes on the right) and still play, I am able to play pretty much anything from hearing a song first go ( An old friend called George asked me to teach him keyboard at University and when he wasn’t distracted by the DJ button (which we would both laugh about for absolutely ages) he was challenging me to play Dubstep on keyboard…it didn’t work) I also taught myself guitar which took a while to get to grips of but can play a few songs on it pretty well now. I did try to teach myself ukulele a long time ago, but didn’t like it.

Aged 19, when I started to get to grips with the guitar

Aged 19, when I started to get to grips with the guitar

From a young age I have been fascinated by the music industry and have had a strong interest for a long time. At college I was the editor of the magazine where I would write about musicians and college bands. At University I became the Features Editor of the magazine called NERVE* where I would write about up and coming singles, interview bands like McFly and write reviews. On the side I was also writing for a variation of music blogs online. I did work experience at Top of The Pops magazine where I interviewed Scouting For Girls, wrote news articles, plus much more. In recent years I have been blogging about music to a blog called Playblast Podcast and also kept up to date with the music world even more easily thanks to Twitter and Facebook.

Interviewing McFly

Interviewing McFly

So today, I thought todays topic should be all about it being first. At some point in time you will be asked the question that you either love so you can show off or dread because you are embarrassed and that question is – what is the first single that you ever bought. 

To me, this answer seems quite relevant to what my life has become and where it has been. Now before I tell you the answer to this, I was always debating this in my head. I know which was the first song that was bought for me, but to me that doesn’t count I didn’t buy it there for I ignore that as an answer (the answer to that question is Love Me For a Reason by Boyzone).

NOT the first single 

The first single I ever bought was actually Ant and Dec’s Better Watch Out. A song by the duo that is hardly known these days as their song Let’s Get Ready To Rumble is the only one that most people know. I still love Better Watch Out and I still have the cassette at home! I never want to throw it out as it makes me laugh that two of the biggest presenters in the United Kingdom used to make pop music. (The inlay says it was touched by the hand of pop which always makes me giggle as its so silly).

Better Watch Out Cassette cover

Better Watch Out Cassette cover

Earlier I said that Ant and Dec have remained relevant in my life and in some ways it really is true. When i was growing up I absolutely loved them they had a Saturday Morning Children’s show called SM:TV which I would watch religiously and would watch every show that they ever did. A few years ago I worked in a small little housing area in an office which was right next to their houses.

When i joined i always said that If i ever saw one of them I would know that it was a sign that I was leaving my job. 8 months on, I see Ant outside his house and within the next few weeks I left the job as I was offered another job. More recently, I accepted a job in the North and the day I go up to house view was the wedding of Dec. so to me, even if they don’t mean it, they are sort of like my spirit signs in a weird and funny way. Even now i currently work with all the team that worked with them on a show that first made them famous, Byker Grove.

So to finish, here are a few other songs of firsts.

Sunshine Underground – Put You In Your Place 

First gig I ever went to in 2007 at London Astoria

George Michael – Careless Whisper

First song I learnt to play with both hands on the Keyboard

Green Day – Waiting

First song i learnt on guitar

Backstreet Boys – As Long As You Love Me

From the first album I owned, Backstreets Back

Ant and Dec – Better Watch Out

First single I bought

What were your FIRSTS?

Next weeks topic – Memories, Boys and Calamities…

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