More International Stand-Up Comedians You Need To Listen to or See Live

Welcome to another batch of international comedians that you should be checking out! If you haven’t read our previous selection then read it by clicking here. I love stand up comedy and when I come across funny people from all over the world I find it great as it makes me smile that there are so many talented individuals out there. This week we introduce you to some more talented, musical ones and also the bizarre comics! Enjoy!

Mae Martin – Canada

If you are looking for a comedian who also performs comical songs then this is the act for you. She jokingly compares herself to a ‘female version of Justin Bieber’ but apart from looks, there is nothing else in common with the two (she doesn’t have hissy fits on stage for starters) Now living in London, Mae began writing and performing comedy in her homeland, Canada. She has been nominated for two Canadian Comedy Awards and is a regular at the fringe and doing shows in London.

Henning Wehn – Germany

Henning When is a German stand-up comedian who is located in London and you may recognise him from television and panel shows such as 8 Out of 10 Cats, Would I Lie To You? Room 101, Have I Got News For You.

Henning’s comedy is mainly focussed on stereotypes of the Germans that are widespread in the United Kingdom. He usually analyses jokes to the tiniest detail to make a hilarious impact. In 2014 he presented a travelogue based show on channel Dave with fellow comedian Mark Watson called The Road To Rio.

Jim Jeffries – Australia

Australian funny man Jim Jeffries, is also another person that spends a lot of time in the United Kingdom. He lived in the United Kingdom for eights years and now resides in Los Angeles.  He first achieved international popularity after he was attacked on stage whilst performing at Manchester Comedy Store. He became popular in the USA after HBO did a stand-up special of his show.

Jim has appeared on a lot of different television shows both in the UK including Never Mind The Buzzcocks, The Heaven and Earth Show and the USA show The Green Room with Paul Provenza.

Gatis Kandis – Latvia

If you watched Britain’s Got Talent in 2012, then this name will sound familiar to you – he was classed by Simon Cowell as the ‘unfunniest, funniest comedian.’ The Latvian made it to the semi finals of the show because his monotone act made Simon Cowell burst into giggles when he auditioned as he did not know what to make of him. I think the best thing is to watch the comedian at work below and decide whether you think he is funny.

Carl-Einar Häckner – Sweden

If you are looking for a comedian that is a little bit different to the norm, then Carl-Einar is the magician for you as he is an illusionist, actor and comedian. He started to learn magic at a very young age and soon started to perform stand up a while after that. He has been performing his show all across Sweden and abroad.

He has also performed in a long running variety show at Liseberg in Gothenburg where acrobats and tightropes usually perform. He has appeared in a variety of locations including Camden and Melbourne.

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