Coming Soon – Mr Bean – Amazing 25th Anniversary DVD Collection

Are you a fan of Rowan Atkinson’s funny slapstick character Mr Bean? If so then this autumn, you are in for a treat. On the 7th September, the 25th Anniversary DVD box set of Mr Bean is to be released including 21 hours or Mr Bean including both the Live TV show and the animated series, both films as well as a bendy Bean figurine. Now, for all of this content it does come with a whopping big price attached – £80.99, but if you think about the amount of content that you are getting with the collectable toy and box – it’s really not THAT bad…

Set to be released 7th September 2015

Set to be released 7th September 2015

At any given period over the past 25 years, Mr Bean has been broadcast somewhere in the world, that’s how popular this show is. The character, Rowan started to develop when he was at University and it’s amazing to see how popular it has become.  I suppose because of the lack of talking and the dominance in physical comedy means that it is easy for anyone to relate to it. The animated series of Bean has been sold to 70 different territories worldwide. The animated series is also voiced by Rowan Atkinson as well.

There is no sign of the popularity of the show slowing down as it has over 1.3 billion views on youtube clips an 65 million fans on Facebook which continues to rise every single day .

To celebrate 25 years of Bean, here are our top 25 clips from the live show.

1 Cinema Bean

2 Dancing Bean

3 Sales Bean

4 Decorative Bean

5 Hotel Bean

6 Diving Bean

7 Turkey Bean

9 Twiglet Bean

10 Nativity Bean

11 Sandwich Bean

12 Queen Bean

13 Photographer Bean

14 Exam Bean

15 Date Bean

16 Stoney Bean

17 Private Bean

18 Dentist Bean

19 Birthday Bean

20 Pet Show Bean

21 Plane Bean

22 Arty Bean

23 Racing Bean

24 Chemistry Bean

25 Sleepy Bean

The Mr Bean 25th Anniversary DVD collection will be available from the 7th September 2015

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