Moaning just got ten times BIGGER….

It was announced last week that Karl Pilkington’s Moaning of Life is set to return to Sky One with a brand new series later this year; this year going further then he has ever gone before.

If you haven’t watched the previous series then here it is explained in a nutshell. Anyone that is aware of Karl Pilkington will know that he has very opinionated views which are different to most peoples and also above all he loves to moan. The first season of the show Moaning of Life, follows Karl as he learns more about the subjects that make the meaning of life – one episode is focussed on children, another on love, another on death etc. Here is a clip below.

Now if you don’t know who Karl Pilkington, or have never heard of him, let me explain about who he is. Back in the early years of the noughties, comedian actor / director Ricky Gervais and his co-writer of The Office, Stephan Merchant returned to hosting a radio show at XFM. Their producer was none other than Karl Pilkington. In the early shows, Karl used to not say a lot and just pressed the buttons to make the music play etc.

However, as time went on, Ricky and Steve realised how interesting and funny Karl actually was and started to include him a lot more and eventually he became the star of the show. After that Karl  appeared on the Ricky Gervais Podcasts, started to write books, appeared in interviews for Rickys tour DVD, became an Idiot Abroad (Sky One) and also starred as the Janitor in Ricky Gervais show Derek.

With the new show just around the corner which looks like it is going to be another bundle of comedy and laughs, we thought that we would celebrate the man that is Karl Pilkington and what are the best things that you should be watching or reading to get you in the mood for more Pilko madness.

The Books

Since the years of The Ricky Gervais Podcast, Karl Pilkington has been writing books. The first lot of books he wrote were in a style of a diary which coincided with the podcasts and the diary that was being read out on that. (Happy Slapped By A JellyFish, The World of Karl Pilkington, Karlology: What I have Learnt So Far). The ones that he has released after these all run alongside the shows that he has been apart of and if you haven’t, I really recommend reading them. The two books that go alongside the television show An Idiot Abroad (An Idiot Abroad: The Travel Diaries of Karl Pilkington and The Further Adventures of An Idiot Abroad) go further in depth about his adventures then the television show does. It has some hilarious stories in them and also some fantastic mini doodles by the man himself.

Learn English with Ricky Gervais

There was sadly only ever one video of this but it is still absolutely hilarious. Filmed and produced by Ricky Gervais, this youtube series was meant to be a learning guide to teaching people basic English. However, the main under current of the mini webisode it to show of those classic reactions of Karl Pilkington to the world and it is very funny.

The Interviews

One thing Karl Pilkington is not good at doing is promoting his books with interviews. Well that is what he thinks anyway. When he gets invited to go on talk shows to promote his book he doesn,t say a lot about it as he feels uncomfortable and uneasy about doing it. However, his lazy and doesn’t care approach actually works wonders as it makes the presenter burst out laughing and also the audience at home laugh at his stupidity and not realising.

Idiot Abroad

Before even watching the first or the new series of Moaning of Life I personally think you should watch An Idiot Abroad to get more of an understanding of how this Manc’s brain actually works. An Idiot Abroad is basically one massive practical joke by Ricky Gervais and Stephan Merchant where they sent Karl around the world to first see the Wonders of the World and then do a list of things that people want to do before they die. Putting Karl in the deep end of crazy situations he is not expecting is hilarious and also extremely entertaining to watch.


Karl is not the best actor in the world, but in the first season of Derek he really is one of the characters that make the show. He is basically playing the same character  that he is in real life which works for the janitor role.

Keep an eye out for Moaning of Life 2 as it will be on your television screens soon!

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