Podcast of the Week – Tom Craine Story Show (XFM)

Sometimes on a Monday morning you want to listen to something that brightens up your day and makes you laugh out loud on a boring route to work. Now most podcasts up to this point in time that we have spoken about (apart from James Acaster last week) have been recordings of the talking of a live radio show where as this show is completely different as that it is made specifically for a podcast.

Meet Tom

Meet Tom

The Tom Craine Story Show is a newish podcast from XFM (starting February), each week Tom will have two or three guests talking about a different topic with stories about what has happened in their own lives regarding the subject. Now before I go on more about the show, you are probably wondering ‘who IS Tom Craine?’  and why should I be listening to him. OK I can answer, the second question first – you should be listening because he is a very witty man who comes across welcoming to the listener that you feel that being friends with someone like that would be a right laugh.

Now to answer the second question – now if you are a fan of Josh Widdicombe or have listened to the J Widdicombe podcast (that we recommended a few weeks ago) then you will recognise him from that as he is a regular guest. You may also recognise him from a magazine called Cosmopolitan. I don’t read it that often but I always read the article about a single guy and dating and never really paid that much attention to the person actually writing it – just that he had scruffy / neat black hair and fashion /hipster clothing. Reading more into who Tom Craine was a while ago the bomb dropped that the person who I read now and again about their dating life was actually the person I was listening to on the Train and Tube on a regular basis (it really is a small world).

He is also part of the comedy sketch group Jigsaw who perform on Radio 4, a co-writer on the new sitcom coming to BBC  called Josh (will give you three guesses which Josh that is about) and also is a stand – up comedian who this autumn is supporting the Widdicombe too! (No-one would guess they were good friends!)

Josh, Tom is one of the writers and the series is set to appear on the BBC soon

Josh, Tom is one of the writers and the series is set to appear on the BBC soon

Now, back to the Tom Craine Story show, if you want a morning filled with laughter then I would really recommend this podcast. As I have stated in previous articles, I am a big fan of the Widdicombe, Elis James and John Robins Podcasts (all XFM) but I find this podcast I prefer to all of them. I like the fact that it is specifically made as a podcast as you feel that no matter what time of the day, month or year you listen you feel like you are a part of it. Now I am not dissing the other shows, but to feel this with the Widdicome or EJ & JR ones you have to start from the beginning to understand the inside jokes, or the standard routines etc.

With this podcast every episode you are welcomed by a cheery Tom, sometimes stumbling over his words, but not in a bad way in a great way as you can tell that he is excited about the guests, the show and the stories up ahead. The only thing if I had to criticise the show I would say is that I personally feel it Is not long enough. They are about 20 minutes each which is great if you want a short little comedic blast in the morning but I feel as soon as you’re really getting into it, it unfortunately ends.

What episodes do you recommend?

Now like I said already, the great thing about this podcast you can listen to it in any order so here are a few I recommend highly

Mates – guest starring Alex Brooker and Tiernan Douieb : This episode, Alex Brookers story is so funny that I was listening to this on a crowded train in London and burst out laughing so loud I got some very weird looks. Usually I can keep my laughter in or be able to silently laugh to myself but the story was so unexpected I sort of just burst. If you want a similar experience to that then you must listen to this episode

Pride – guest starring Tom Allen and James Acaster:  I am probably a tad bias with this one but if you have listened to Scrapes on Josh Widdicombes show you will know that James Acaster stories are not to be missed.

Work – guest starring Ivo Graham, Fin Taylor and Josh Widdicombe: All of the stories on this podcast as very funny to listen especially Fin Taylors and listening to the stories about Toms choir boy past

Health – guest starring Felicity Ward and Ed Gamble: Felicity Ed and Tom are all on top form and any story about health is always going to be a funny one

The Tom Craine Story Show Podcast is available to download every Sunday / Monday and if you listen you will become one of Toms favourites! (Well, if you listen to the podcast you will get that inside joke! 😉 )

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