International Stand-Up Comedians You Need To Listen To or See Live

I love stand up comedy, I mean I think it’s pretty obvious from the amount that I write about them. The United Kingdom has such a fantastic comedy scene with lots of great venues where you can go and watch people that will make you laugh yourself silly. However, there are many international comedians that either flood our shores or we see on American Television that I feel deserve their own section. Whether they are retired or still going, these posts will list comedians that you need to check out by either going to see them when they come here or by watching them on the You of Tube.

Here are our 5 acts you need to check out this week:

Dane Cook – From America

Dane Cook

Dane Cook

If you are looking for a comedian that is a tad borderline with comedy about sex, women, love and life then this is the comedian for you. Dane has appeared in a number of films including Employee of the Month, My Best Friends Girl, Good Luck Chuck and Planes. His type of jokes are quite rude so if you are listening aloud instead of on headphones then you may prefer to choose a different comedian. Although quite rude, his stand up can be very funny even though it has a lot of references to USA life and humour. Most of his shows are available on Spotify UK

Amy Schumer – From America

Amy Schumer

Amy Schumer

If you have Comedy Central or have been watching television a lot recently – then this is one name that you would of heard flaming around your ears. Whether its about the Star Wars GQ magazine shoot, her new film Trainwreck or her television show Inside Amy Schumer at the moment there is no escaping this lady. However, if you take the time to ignore the hype and actually listen to her stand up routines (one is available on Spotify UK) you will understand why this lady is getting the attention she deserves. To me, I think of her as a female Dane Cook, borderline with the sex and men jokes but also like Dane, funny with it. Her stand up may come across as slightly feminist but it is also very interesting to see a woman taking this role as a comedian – a bit like how Melissa McCarthy has changed dynamics in films.

Daniel Simonson – From Norway

Daniel Simonsen

Daniel Simonsen

Now if you are looking for a funny Norweigan, then this is the guy for you. Daniel has been touring the UK for quite some time now and he has won awards for his humour. Daniel has been on shows such as Russell Howards Good News and his stand up can be seen on YouTube. He has toured as the support act for Simon Amstell and is also has had a recurring role in the BBC show House of Fools as Eric.

Adam Hills – From Australia

Adam Hills

Adam Hills

If you have not heard of the Australian comic Adam Hills, you need to make it your business to find out who he is. Commonly known for his presenting of the Channel 4 show The Last Leg, who has massive comedic rants about certain news topics of the week and messing around with his co presenters. However, his stand up shows are very different and unlike no other you have seen before. He has on stage with him a person who will translate everything he says into sign language and the results are very funny. If you youtube his name you will come up with his stand up – look out for the one where he performs after The Muppets at an event.

The Boy With Tape on His Face – From New Zealand 

The Boy With Tape On His Face

The Boy With Tape On His Face

Finally, if you are into silent films and slapstick and clever humour then the Boy with Tape on His Face is for you. The comedian is from New Zealand and is such a unique act that he has won many awards for his shows. He is back soon with a brand new show but before then, check out this interview with ComComedy below to find out more. And yes off stage the boy does speak!

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