Podcast of the Week – James Acaster Podcast by Fubar Radio

It’s a Monday morning, you want something a bit different to listen to, maybe something that inspires you to listen to new music, or to understand your favourite comedian or other people in the entertainment industry a little bit more. If this is something that you are after in a podcast, then the James Acaster Podcast is for you.

James Acaster

James Acaster

Funny man James Acastar welcomes you to his music based podcast. Still quite a baby in regards to other podcast shows, as it’s only been running since the 6th February, so there are only 25 episodes to date. The idea of the podcast is that each week, James is joined by a guest who brings along their Ipod, MP3, Spotify and they plug it in and click shuffle and see what musical muses they have in store. It could go anyway, good music, awful music or cheesy music. Between each shuffle, James will talk to the guest about  reasons why they have the music or stories about their careers and memories.

The podcast has already been host to a vast array of people so far including Angela Barnes, Matthew Crosby, David Trent, Lizzie Roper and Scroobius Pip! There are a few episodes where James Acaster is not presenting and these ones are all hosted by special guest presenters such as Joel Dommett.

So if you are looking for something a bit different to listen to this week, then download the James Acaster Podcast!

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