The world of the Directioners is about to be shook up…again

The world of the Directioner (One Direction fans) has been a tough one this year. With the announcement of Zayn leaving the band and now the news that Louis is going to be a father – things are going from stranger to stranger for these fans.

One direction

One direction

I better state this now before writing anymore -I am not a Directioner. I admit I like a few of their songs (I mean, how can I not when I worked at Simon Cowells company they played the song Best Song Ever on constant repeat for hours) but if they broke up tomorrow, it wouldn’t bother me. The only X Factor Alumni I care about in succeeding is Olly Murs and with his recent presenting contract, he isn’t going anywhere for a while.

It’s not everyday I would write an article about a celebrity or musician becoming a father but the world of the Directioners is an interesting, crazy and sometimes truly shocking one. I find this makes them an interesting case study and a potential interesting subject for analysis.

Teen fandom – we have all been there, when we were younger with the posters on the wall, all the albums etc but no ones fans are extreme as One Direction. Ok, maybe Justin Biebers at some point with Twitter abuse they used to send to people slagging off the Baby star.

When I was a teen I loved Blue, I did the fandom thing of having posters in my wall, all the albums etc. However, I never saw them live and still don’t want to till this day. When your a teenager it’s a hard time, you have all these emotions and some people churn these into extreme fandom for a band. I didn’t want to see blue live because when  your a teen you create your own version of how they all are and the reality does not hold up to that.



However, I know people (and still even now in their mid twenties) who went to every signing, every concert, every perfume launch, etc. still thinking that they will be picked out of a crowd and maybe even be that persons lover…Like I said fandom is extreme and crazy world and some people I do worry about how they let it control them. I am also fascinated by it as it’s also a world I have never been a part of and it’s an interesting world to analyse…

Anyway, getting back on topic. Directioners (not all of them I may add) can have very shocking ways of dealing with One Direction News and this is just some of the extreme.

Death Threats and GQ


Harry Styles

Back in 2013, GQ had Harry Styles and the rest of One Direction on the front page of their magazine, and a subtitle on the Harry page saying ‘He’s up all night to get lucky’ upset a lot of fans and lead to the magazine getting some extreme verbal abuse via twitter. Everything from telling GQ to do a proper job to threatening to bomb their headquarters. To read the most shocking ones click here 

Cut For Zayn 



A few months ago, Zayn made the announcement that he was quitting the band to spend more time with his Little Mix finance, Perry. Fans were left distraught and starting worrying people as they were using the hash tag #cutforZayn and started self harming. (Click here to read more) More shockingly, There was also 6 teen suicides the day that Zayn made the announcement (read more about this here )

Dog Death Threats

Yes, this is a thing and this is how extreme some fans can actually can get. Firstly, it was a hoax and it obviously didnt happen but if you are going to this extreme lengths to get a bands attention. A Twitter fan posted a photo to the boys of her hand on the neck of her dog threatening to break its neck if they didnt follow her. …

Selling Virginity for Tickets

One of the Direction 15 year old fans, put her viriginity up for sale on a Swedish auction site in a bid to raise money so that she could follow her favourite band around on their tour. Read about the craziness here

There has already been some hashtags flying around already for the news about Liam including #ohnoliam but i am sure there will be some more crazy after effects from the news. Here are some more crazy tweets from One Direction fans here

Not as angelic as he looks...

Not as angelic as he looks…

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