When Music Videos go wrong….

The music video, is a great way to get noticed in the industry and people go to great lengths to go viral because social media has such a strong impact on this. Its a way to get noticed, to create shock or sometimes create an identity. Artists such as Lady Gaga have used videos to create shocking identities and to make their videos the most talked about by create amazing creations.

Then there are people such as Psy who make a crazy addictive songs and a video with a very simple dance routine that is easy to learn and goes viral because of this. Apart from these you also have music videos with such a cheesy / addictive song that it goes viral because other people end up making their own parody versions of songs – just look at Carley Rae Jepson and the song Call Me Maybe – look how long it took for the remakes and parody videos of that song to die down.

Then there is the other sort of music videos – the come back song where an artist tries to change their identity as an artists. Due to the competitiveness of the music industry, a musician will return to the scene with a new type of style and try and reflect this in their video. There are two that I can think of recently that have done this and made a very successful viral video and music change. The first is a video and a person that when the video was released it became one of the biggest music videos to go viral. Miley Cyrus. The squeaky clean Disney star came back to the music scene with a very crazy video for the song  We Can’t Stop which showed her as rebelious and as a completely different identity to as to what we know her as.

The second highly successful song that went viral and highlighted a music change was Taylor Swifts catchy hit ‘Shake it Off’ it was highly successful due to a catchy song and a catchy video also meaning it lead to high viewing (then lead onto really creative videos for ‘Bad Blood’ and ‘Blank Space’).

However, there are many artists that try and do come back videos or try and show a change of music that don’t go viral for how amazing it is but because or how bad it is. Here are just a some to wet your appetite.

Christina Aguilera – Not Myself Tonight

This video received a lot of back lash when it was released as people accused Christina of trying to be too shocking and like Lady Gaga, its not the worst of our pick but still is going on here.

Madonna – Bitch I’m Madonna  and Remix

This is all over social media today – the video I am predicting will receive negative response. When i watched it i felt like she was trying to be 20 years younger then she is, and a lot of it is very weird. Also Kanye West keeps popping up at really random times for no apparent reason.

Avril Lavigne – Hello Kitty!

Voted one of the worst songs and videos of last year – i don’t think this needs explaining, just watch it and you will understand

Psy Feat Snoop Dog – Hangover

After Gangman Style and Gentleman, Psy decided to team up with Snoop Dog, the video is as random as the song.

Rebecca Black – Friday

One of the most annoying songs and also one of the worst videos that it lead to loads of parodies. It went highly viral just so that people could take the mickey out of it more then anything else.

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