The Music Guide – Panic! At the Disco

This week, rock, electropop, musicians Panic! At The Disco (or shall i say, Brendan Urie) released the new video for their single Hallelujah and also announced that there will be a new album releasing soon! The band are set to play Reading and Leads this summer so hopefully they will have some new songs in tow!

Original Line up

Original Line up

The band with the ever changing line up (now only down to two original members, Brendan Urie and Dallon Weekes, Original Members who are left are Brent Wilson, Ryan Ross, Jon Walker and Spencer Smith) have had a mixture of different sounds and adventurous music videos that has lead them to the high popularity that they still have today.

From winning awards such as Video of the Year (I write Sins Not Tragedies) to nominations to being the best international rock band, just by having a look at their back catalogue below its not hard to see how Panic are still highly popular as they are now lead by the ever talented Brendan.

I Write Sins Not Tragedies

Lying is the Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off

Nine in the Afternoon

New Perspective

Miss Jackson

This is Gospel

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