Ones To Watch – The Lonesome Trio

Have you ever watched The Office US with Steve Carrell and the gang? If not, have you ever watched the antics of the guys in The Hangover trilogy? If the answer is yes to either of these questions then you will know the name Ed Helms very well.

If you have seen Ed in any Television Shows or Films you will notice that he will either be singing or playing his trusty Banjo or a piano. You see, Ed Helms is not just an actor, he is also a highly talented musician and in the past has confessed to being a ‘Bluegrass Nerd’. He founded the annual LA Bluegrass Situation Festival which is growing strength to strength.

Singing in the Office US

Singing in The Hangover 

Singing in The Lorax

The Lonesome Trio is a musical venture by Ed and his friends Ian Riggs and Jacob Tilove. They formed the band back in college and would get together every few years to perform music together. Now the trio have released their debut album which is self titled. According to previous interviews, it only took them two weeks to record the album but in theory, 20 years to write it.

The Lonesome Trio

The Lonesome Trio

The acoustic / bluegrass band all play a variety of  instruments including banjo, piano, guitar and mandolin. The album is a variety of Bluegrass based songs including Pigeon’s Foot, All Gone To Hell, Kerhonkson Blues and Appalachia Apologia.

Even though the album was released in the States last month, if you are in the United Kingdom it is really difficult to buy a digital copy (trust me I have tried and also spoke about it with the people who run their official Facebook page) so you have to go to American Record stores websites to purchase a hard copy or pay an extortionate amount on Amazon UK to get it imported. However some of the songs are available on Youtube.

Whilst they are still getting their name known in the USA, I personally think it is going to be a while before the trio will be visiting our shores (also Bluegrass is not as popular over here as it is in the States)  So here are a few of their songs to get you a feel to the style of music that they do.

Ashville City Skyline

Appalachia Apologia

All Gone To Hell

River In The Gutter


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