The best of Avril 

Yesterday it was revealed on the news that Singer Avril Lavigne was bed ridden for months due to Lyme Disease. Breaking down in an Interview on American television she told of her experience and how difficult it’s been, was sent hundreds of videos from fans saying get well soon and showing their support.  She also went on to say that she feels like she has been given a ‘second shot at life.’ So here at The Phoenix Remix we thought we would celebrate her music career so far with some of her best songs….and one of the worst!



Sk8tr Boi

This song was one of the songs that made Avril originally stand out and become iconic in the rock pop genre. The long hair, the backwards cap, skateboards left right and centre and catchy lyrics – what is not to like and it is why it became so popular


One of the catchiest songs you will ever hear of the noughties. The catchy chorus, the video where she plays two parts made it an instant hit. It had criticism when it was released as it was a lot more poppy then the original Avril but it still became an instant hit and even had some superb covers of it including one from Zebrahead who even made a parody music video of it as well.  

Best Damn Thing

Another song from the classics of Avril, taking the mickey out of school culture of America and has the pop rock feel to it

Let Me Go

You get married out of the blue to a man who no-one even knew you were dating who also helped to produce your most recent album. You even release a song with him – if you haven’t guessed already i am talking about Avril’s second husband (first being Deryk Wibley from Sum 41) Chad Kroeger from Nickelback.


The first song from the long haired skater girl that made her the hit she was in the noughties and also made her look of the tie over a vest top part of school culture at the time (also parodied in Good Charlottes Girls and Boys video )

And the worst 

Hello Kitty 

This song went viral when it was first released not because it was an amazing song, but because no-one quite knew what was going on in the video or with the song. One of the weirdest songs you will ever hear….


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