Croydon Comedy Festival 

Happy July! The next two months are some of the most important of the year for comedians around the United Kingdom. August sees the return of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and July is the month where most comedians will be touring with Edinburgh previews to just add the finishing alterations to their fringe shows.
Since 18th June right through to August, Croydon is holding 46 Comedy events in 6 different venues.


The Oval Tavern – once of the six venues

For the past 2 weeks, the first ever Croydon Comedy festival has been in full swing but July sees the city welcoming some of the biggest names in the comedy circuit testing out new material. Tomorrow (2nd July) John Robbins will be headlining the show tomorrow at the Oval Tavern one of the first this month to show off his fringe set.

Comedian John Robbins performing tomorrow

Comedian John Robbins performing tomorrow

Other comedians due to perform in the next month include Matthew Crosby on 10th July at Matthews Yard, Nick Helm and Matthew Crosby (again) on 16th July at the Oval Tavern, Sara Pascoe on 6th August at the Oval Tavern and Richard Herring on 12th and 13th August at the Oval Tavern.

Matthew Crosby performing 2 nights

Matthew Crosby performing 2 nights

For more information on the shows that are going on at the festival click here


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