Improv Corner – Recycle With Improv

Creativity is a huge part of improv and sometimes it can get into the right frame of mind to think big with you ideas. So there is a way that you can change this by doing a warm up exercise that is also a game played a lot in Whose Line Is It Anyway – The Prop Game.

Now the one thing that this game is GREAT for is recycling stuff that needs to be recycled. Look at a lot of the packaging that you get random items in (especially things in the post) and you will realise that they are all different shapes and sizes. Instead of throwing away that random shaped polystyrene why not take it to an improv lesson / rehearsal and use it as a prop!

When Punderstandably started as a troupe we did this game a lot as a warm up and also in shows (it actually got a really good response as well.). It also meant that I had a lot of random objects stored in a bag for months.

The aim of the game is to try and come up with as many random completely separate ideas as to what a piece of rubbish or random object can be. It is a great way to get the creative juices flowing and also to help you think outside of the box. Why not give it a go! And help save a tree and recycle differently!

Improv Corner Will Return in 2019

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