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Film Review: Mother!

     Let me start by saying this: Mother! is not a film for everyone.     Although it was marketed as a horror film, the reality is far from that. However,  it does borrow a few elements from the horror genre.     ‘Mother’ is an experimental […]

Film Review: IT

      Even though I enjoy good horror films, I’m not usually scared by them. So, keep that in mind while you’re reading this review.  Still, this movie had all the right elements, of a great horror movie. And let me say this: this isn’t just a […]

Film Review: Dunkirk

The latest WWII film comes to us in the form of Christopher Nolan’s ‘Dunkirk’. And it is, to put it simply, brilliant. To be honest, prior to watching the trailer for this movie, I had never heard about the evacuation event at Dunkirk before. For a movie, the […]

ALBUM REVIEW: Olly Murs – 24 Hours

Last year, it hit headlines that Olly had broken up with his girlfriend from a long term relationship. From listening to this album, it is evident that a lot of the songs were written around the time of this all happening. The new album released today called 24 hours […]