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The Music Guide – Iron Maiden

Last week it was announced that the metal legends will be doing a world tour in 2017 which includes 12 dates in the UK! The tour which is called The Book of Souls will be arriving on our doorstop on May 4th in Nottingham next year! The group […]

The Music guide – Evanescence

Tomorrow a new album is set to be released by the leading lady of the band, Evanescence, however it is not the type of music you would expect. It is in fact an album for children. The new album called Dream Too Much was inspired by her 2 […]

Forgotten Pop! – This Week: Spin City

This week we are looking at another Boyband that was forgotten in to the files of Pop and looking at their careers and this week is Spin City. When I was researching this band it came across really hard to find any information about them until i cam […]