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The Travel Book – Travel Through A Photo – Geiranger, Norway

There is always a story behind a photograph and I thought it would be a fun way to look at the world of travel. So, welcome to a new feature that will appear regularly this year in the travel section. Today we are going to kick things off by looking at one of my favourite photos.

I love nature and I love taking photographs in a place that can deliver an image that is rustic and rough. When I went to Norway, I was welcomed with the most amazing scenery that it sometimes did not even feel real. One of the places that I fell in love with was Geiranger. It was one of the most beautiful places I have visited and there is a lot of photographs that I could share of this place that I will eventually just to express how wonderful this place actually is. It is an area that is surrounded by hills but this was taken in the lower location of the area.

Geirganger is full of hills and on the walk up there is water everywhere that makes it a beautiful place to visit. I loved these places to walk because they are just magical and it is also a place that can take absolutely fantastic photographs.

I love the photograph above because of the depth of field that the lamppost brings to the image. The water is really rough and it gives this really dramatic stye to this image and it changes every time you look at it in a different direction. This photograph was taken in Norway in June so the grass and the trees are really green and that is what also makes this picture look so bright and in depth.

It brings back strong memories of getting off the cruise ship and walking up a hill and being welcomed by these amazing types of scenery that just went on and on and on. I had never seen anything like this before and it will always stand out so strongly in my head.

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