100 Weeks Of Self Discovery

100 Weeks of Discovery! – Week 5 – Enjoyable Hobbies

Welcome to a the feature that is going to run every other Tuesday on The Phoenix Remix! The strand Listed! has now come to an end, thank you for those who read it, however from now on we are going on a different adventure – welcome to the brand new feature called 100 Weeks of Discovery!

The shop Paperchase, is sadly coming to an end but in the weeks to the run up, I have been visiting to find out what books I can use to create articles from and luckily yet again, I was welcomed with a brand new one called A Pocketful of Self Discovery!

So for 100 weeks we are going to explore the prompts and see what happens! Enjoy!

Week 5 – Things I Enjoy Doing

Playing Instruments

I love playing instruments and learning the skills to create songs and learn new ways of playing them. My favourite instruments to play are the guitar and the keyboard as they are ways that I can escape playing them differently and I can just get lost in the playing of them.


This is a new hobby of mine and I really enjoy it. I find it actually fascinating that once you plant something in the soil that it grows and becomes something new! It really is pretty fascinating.


I got into this hobby in lockdown and I really enjoyed learning how to do a variety of different types of sewing. I have tried different things and I think cross stich is my favourite and I want to plan more projects with my sewing machine.


I love reading as it is a sense of escapism and adventure. There is nothing better then sitting on a comfy chair on a rainy day with a good cup of tea and reading something really good.


I love writing as it is so relaxing and I really enjoy doing it, that is why I enjoy writing this website as it is relaxing and really fun to do. It is something that I love doing because it allows me to express feelings and also gain an interest in a topic.

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