Playing The Favourite – INTERVIEW – Mendon Hale

It has been nearly two years since we spoke to Country Music star Mendon Hale the last time we spoke, he was just about to release the EP Hand On The Heartland in 2021. A lot of time has passed since then and he has welcomed 2023 in with a bang by releasing brand new music. Earlier this year he released the really catchy track Girly Drinks and he has just released the addictive track My Number just last week. So, what a perfect time to catch up with Mendon again! This time, I decided to do things slightly differently to get to know the musician a little bit more, instead of asking questions solely about the new music, I thought it would be fun to find out all about Mendon’s favourite things about music!

What is your favourite:

Song you have written

My favorite song that I’ve written is a song called “Just Grab a Beer” which basically sums it up by saying “..when life gets weird, hell, just grab a beer.


My favorite lyric of mine would be from a song called “Longneck Bottles” talking about beers where I say, “..they will fill the emptiness inside, and when you are done with one you got 5 more standing by”, basically talking about a 6 pack.  


My favorite musician was, is and will always be Eddie Van Halen.

Film or television show

My favorite television show was, is and will always be GUNSMOKE.

Venue to perform at

My favorite venue to perform at would be any type of stadium setting

Item to take with you on tour

My favorite item to take with me on tour would be my laptop…either that or baby wipes.  They can be used for so many different things!


My favorite instrument would easily be the electric guitar

Song to play live

My favorite song to play live is “Gone Like the Wind” because it’s fast and fun, 

Album by another musician

One of my favorite albums from another musician would be Brad Paisley’s 2011 album, “This is Country Music”.  It’s just so good

Memory of tour

My favorite memories on tour would always be gas station stops to get food…you get used to eating poorly.

Era for music

Best era of music hands down is the 1980’s.  There is no doubt, question or debate.  Talk about a decade of quality and every genre.  

Part of making a record

The best part of making a record is watching an idea come alive into a final finished product.  There’s nothing else like it.

Thing about performing at festivals

Playing festivals is fun because you get to play in front of new fans and also get to see some artists you haven’t seen before.


My favorite quote is;  “leap and the net will appear.”

Thing about the music industry at the moment

The music industry right now is in a unique and unknown place.  On one hand there’s no better time to be an artist, as it’s incredibly easy to get your music seen/heard by the world.  But on the other hand, there are so many more artists that have to not necessarily compete against each other, but compete for listeners time.  Some artists release 40 song albums, some artists try 15 second tik-toks, and some artists follow old patterns.  The way I see it, there are no rules.  So, get out there and blaze your own path.

Thing about this year so far?

This year I have released two singles so far.  Girly Drinks (1/20) and my latest song, My Number (4/21).  I plan on releasing another single as well as a full album here in 2023, so I’m very excited about that!

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