Improv Corner – In The Lyrics – Move Along

There are so many songs that have lyrics that can be relevant to the world of improv and performance that I thought it would be fun to ever so often look at certain songs in more depth. Just like Improv In The Media, this feature will look in depth of a song and just how it can inspire the world of improv. Today we are going to look at a song by the band The All-American Rejects.

Improv Corner – In The Lyrics – Move Along

This track by The All-American Rejects is a really good one to use in the form of improv as it has some really good lyrics that can really help you on those days that improv may not be going the way you planned.

I find Move Along an incredibly uplifting song and if you are having a bad day in general, I wanted to recommend listening to this track. With improv though, when you have a day when all your scenes are not going your way or maybe you have got stuck in your head, listen to these lyrics to get you through:

+ Even when your hope is gone, move along – Sometimes when you do an improv scene, you can notice very early on that you are feeling lost in the scene and your hope is fading. Just try and get through to the end of the scene. The great thing about improv is that it is made up so no-one is going to judge you for feeling this way. Also, remember that the next scene is brand new start and changes the topic entirely.

+ When everything else is wrong, move along – One thing you realise that with improv, sometimes is that you can go wrong. Don’t be too hard on yourself, this happens and audiences will forget after you have been on stage. Also, most of the time they don’t realise it’s gone ‘wrong’ and it can create some of the best scenes.

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