Vox Pops Month – INTERVIEW – Residency and The Armando…

All this month we will be talking to the team Vox Pops to find out all about them and to discover even more about the improv scene in the city of Nottingham. This week we find out all about how the team are doing. They have also recently started a brand new residency where they host other improv acts every month.

Hello Vox Pops! how are you? 

We are doing great thank you! How are you?

Tell us about your team – how did you form?

We are an Armando team formed in 2017 in Nottingham. The original idea for the team came from Ben Macpherson who was inspired by shows like Assscat from UCB and Jaccuzi from The Free Association

What style of improv do you perform?

We are an Armando team but we approach each performance like a sketch show so we want strong stand alone scenes that can tie together later in the show to create an overarching picture.

You have started a residency at Nonsuch Studios – tell us about this?

We have! Through MissImp we have taken over the Improv Nonsense residency in Nottingham which means we get to invite some of our favourite teams and most interesting speakers to come along and share their stories. Every couple of months we bring together all of this, and some live music into a really exciting night out in one of the best venues in Nottingham.

You have already had a handful of shows this year – how have they been going?

They’ve been really great, our first show of the year we had the awesome Date Night duo bringing some alternate history and a lovely audience turnout for them

What have been the highlights of these shows?

There was one very memorable scene between some soup and a fatberg who met in the drains, that was very silly and slightly horrible! 

When are the next shows and who is guesting?

The next show is 14th of April with Canny Funny as our guests and poetry acoustic duo Bara as our musical act and storytellers.

Where can people purchase tickets or learn more about these shows?

Right here

You are based in Nottingham – what is the improv scene like there?

Nottingham has a real energy to it, we are part of MissImp, who are the longest running group in town, (in fact they are the longest running open access improv theatre in the country) but there’s also the Loose Goose nights that a number of our players perform at and the Nottingham Improv Comedy Experieince. You can do improv any given night of the week in Nottingham and it’s great!

What other shows are you looking forward to seeing this year?

We are really excited about the Robin Hood international Improv Festival returning this year. We were lucky enough to take part in the inaugural year and hope we get to come again!

What about improv troupes are there any that you would recommend to others?

If you get the chance to see Play it Again, do! They are eternal lounge singers improvising their way through immortality.

Finally, for this week! What was your favourite suggestion of 2022?

That is a tough one, our suggestions all get turned into monologues and there’s so much detail in them It’s impossible to pick just one!

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