Music Memories – This Week – Feeling This

The one thing I love about music is that everyone has their own story to tell – the musician, the lyrics, the way the fans decipher them and also the way a song can also create a memory or a meaning to someone. That is what this new article is all about. Each fortnight, we will take a look at a different song and I will take you as a trip down memory lane as to what it means to me. Welcome to Music Memories.

Track: Feeling This
Artist: Blink-182
Original Release Date: 6th October 2003

One thing that used to be really exciting when I was growing up was hearing a new song that a band released. In the early noughties and even before then, there was only one way to get that exclusive and that was by recording off the radio. You would wait for a band or a musicians song to come on and then you would record it. Although, when it comes to certain bands, those exclusives were the only way you could get a copy was by listening to their first ever airplay of it. This reminds me of a song by Blink-182.

If you wanted to hear a new rock song in the early noughties you would tune into Zane Lowe on Radio 1. I remember when it was announced that Blink-182 was releasing a new song, I was super excited to wait for it. I tested my tape over and over again to make sure that it was recording and so that I was ready for the initial time.

Mark Hoppus was on the show having an interview about the band and the new album. Every time they went to a song I would wait to record but would be let down as it would be other songs instead. Finally, near the end of the interview, they played Feeling This and it was a super exciting moment.

Once I recorded it, I would then put it in my personal cassette player and listen to it, rewind it and then listen to the song all over again. It used to ne such an exciting time and a great way to find music and was such a magical thing to do.

Facts About Feeling This

  • It was written by guitarist Tom DeLonge, bassist Mark Hoppus, and drummer Travis Barker, and was produced and mixed by Jerry Finn
  • Its lyrics are purely sexual in nature; the band juxtaposes lust and passion between verses and choruses, thematically connected with a wistful, regretful tone.
  • The first track that was recorded for Blink-182 in early 2003
  •  the United Kingdom, “Feeling This” debuted at number 15 on the UK Singles Chart for the week ending date November 30, 2003
  • The lyrics were written with Hoppus and DeLonge going into separate rooms—Hoppus writing the choruses and DeLonge writing the verses.

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