It’s A Trap Month! – INTERVIEW – Use The Improv Force!

All this month we are talking to MissImp, an improv team based in Nottingham and this year they are taking their show on the road! The team have a show called It’s A Trap The Improvised Star Wars show and this year they are performing in many locations including The Brighton Fringe. This week we talk about Star Wars!

Your show Its A Trap is based on a Star Wars theme so – what made you decide to do it?

Two of our team member Nick and Martin were talking about the underlining logic of the star wars universe and how it feels like it has been built with an improv Yes And mentality. This lead to a session playing around in star Wars, then a format and finally to this current show.

What is the best thing about working with this theme?

Literally anything goes. You can tie together absurd and epic like the Dark and Light sides of the force. There is room for mad physical comedy and gibberish, coupled with speeches about the nature of hope. It is great.

Tell us about the format of your show?

We get an episode number [x].[y] that tells us where in the saga it is taking place. We then see what the dark side is doing now and how the light side plan to meet it. In the ensuing chaos we build a madcap plot until finally everyone falls into a trap!

How important is it for players of Miss Imp to know about the Star Wars universe? Have they had to watch everything? 

We have a wide range of star wars knowledge, some of us can rival Wookiepedia with the obscure and useless trivia we have whilst others don’t even know what a lasersabre is. We try to make sure everyone has at least seen the main films.

What is your favourite Star Wars film or television show?

We have a schism In the group over this. Some of us grew up with the prequels as our childhood, others absolutely hate them, then another group are quite fond of the sequel triology. I think everyone is pretty pro The Mandolorian.

Who is your favourite characters and why?

My personal favourite character is R2-D2 – he’s the only one who consistently does his job, the rest of them all mess up at some point. 

What is your opinion on Jar Jar Binks?

Jar Jar’s a fun story we tell to children to make them behave all year. Be good or Jar Jar will come and give you presents.

What is the most important thing you have learnt from Star Wars?

Be open to hope and run towards it when you find it.

How do the audience react to your show – what has been the biggest compliments you have received

Our audience loves the show. For many it captures the spirit of playing star wars when you were a kid. We have been told that we were “the Bright Centre of the Universe” by someone before, that was pretty special and a nice reference too. 

Why should people come and see your show?

Whether you like Star Wars or not, IT’S A TRAP delivers one of the finest hours of improv theatre in the country today. Whether you’re a jedi master of a Jawa scavenger you are going to be left laughing all the way to the outer rim

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