Comedy Cinema – This Week – Accepted

Welcome to the sister article to Comedy Clicks! Each week, we will be taking an in depth look at some of the best comedy films that the world of cinema can offer! Today we will be looking at Accepted

About the Film

Summary of Plot

A high school slacker who’s rejected by every school he applies to opts to create his own institution of higher learning, the South Harmon Institute of Technology, on a rundown piece of property near his hometown. iMDB

Year Of Release


Running Time

1 Hour 33 Minutes


Steve Pink


Reject rejection

Box Office Opening Weekend




Justin Long – Bartleby Gaines
Jonah Hill – Sherman Shrader
Blake Lively – Monica Moreland
Adam Hershman – Glen
Columbus Short – Daryl ‘ Hands’ Holloway
Maria Thayer – Rory Thayer

Song From the OST


  • A lot of the movie was improvised, and a lot of the gags were pitched by the actors on the day of shooting
  • As part of the promotion for the movie at the Comicon in San Diego, promoters threw a huge “Welcome” party open to the public, with barbecue, beer, skateboarding demos, and a wall where people could write “subjects” they’d like to study. Justin Long and other cast members mixed in with the crowd, to the point that you couldn’t pick them out.
  • The character of Ben Lewis was specifically written for Lewis Black.
  • Even though he plays a recent high school graduate, Justin Long was 27 when this movie was filmed.
  • Bollywood has a remake of this movie called F.A.L.T.U

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