Impromptu Shakespeare Month – INTERVIEW – Succession Giraffe…

It is a big year for Impromptu Shakespeare as they are heading off on tour around the UK, so it is the perfect time to chat to team! The last time I spoke to the team for quite some time and the last time was the Edinburgh Fringe 2022. This year is a big one for the team as they are going on tour and with lots of shows in the line up I wanted to find out all about it. Throughout the month I will be talking to Tom Wilkinson, Rebecca MacMillan, and Ailis Duff. Today we find end the week with a good ole Quick Fire round

Television show or Film you are looking forward to seeing this year?

The next season of Succession. I feel like Shakespeare would love Succession.

Favourite book?

Can we say The Complete Works of Shakespeare?

If you had to get a Shakespeare tattoo what would it be and why?

“Where the bee sucks, there suck I”, with a little cowslip next to it. On my bum.

Favourite band?

Rebecca is in a band called The Shakespeare Heptet. They are very good.

Where do you want to visit this year?

Brighton. We haven’t gigged there for ages and I miss it.

Favourite animal?


Dream venue to perform?

Shakespeare’s Globe.

Favourite food when on tour?

Creme eggs. All year round.

Three words why people should see your show?

Hilarious, impressive, surprising

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