Playing The Favourite – INTERVIEW – Vulgarithm

Welcome to the feature where we talk to musicians about some of their favourite things about the industry. Today we speak to the band Vulgarithm who was on our ones to watch for 2023. Check out their music including Sharing Trilogy of EPs “Share if you agree” “Share if you disagree” and “Share in the 3rd degree

What is your Favourite:

Song you have written:

I have written so many songs as Vulgarithm and previous bands that it’s hard to pinpoint my favourite, it depends on my mood. I may go for “Hat in the ring” for Vulgarithm, it was the first song I wrote as Vulgarithm and it is a staple of my live set ever since.


Not a full line of the song but probably “Hypocrisy is the fuel for survival” is a stand out line from a song full of hate called “Out My Way”. The ability of not sticking to your convictions seems to work wonders for those with money, power or both. It’s a skill we shouldn’t reward but as a society we do.


Either Trent Reznor or Maynard James Keenan. Such incredible talents with amazing versatility, and they can both reinvent themselves without compromising their musical integrity.

Film or television show:

There are the usual films or TV shows that people will say which I absolutely adore as well, but I’ll go a little leftfield and say the show “Red Dwarf”. The perfect storm of Sci-Fi fantasy but with brash northern english humour.

Venue to perform at:

I’ve played in many cool venues, but the one stage I played where the entire crowd were in sync with each other was at Centre stage at Strawberry Fair Festival in Cambridge, UK. I lost count of who was dancing or moshing away but it was in the triple digits and every single one of them were in the zone!

Item to take with you on tour:

Any current fifa game. Any other activity rightly or wrongly I can lose interest after a while, but the addictive nature of games, particularly for me Fifa, can keep me entertained for hours when miles away from home.


I’d have to say the guitar, but Vulgarithm is also heavily built around synths so I’m split between the two.

Song to play live:

At the moment, it’s “Lad Riff”. It gets people bouncing, and the chorus is sooooo catchy, it’s very hard to get out of your head.

Album by another musician:

let’s go for “Laterulas” by Tool. Since hearing it in 2001, it has probably been the most played album either at home or in the car.# memory of tour: not done a long enough tour for memories yet.

Era for music:

90s, without a shadow of a doubt. Such diversity of sound, and no f**ks given

Part of making a record:

Either the very early stages where you can experiment with sound, or the very final moments when you are listening to a finished mix for the first time.

Thing about performing at festivals:

The potential audience you can perform your music to. I like to think someone stumbling into a tent and hearing your music by accident can create at least one more paying fan.


Don’t know if it’s a famous quote but the first one that came to my head is “I think, therefore I am”.

Thing about the music industry at the moment:

I suppose with a good marketing campaign, anyone can become a professional musician with original music. This also has it’s drawbacks, but that knowledge can give hope to any up and coming artist.

Thing about 2022?

Finally being able to get out there and perform to new fans on a regular basis. This was the first year of prolonged gigs for Vulgarithm and I’m so happy to get going.

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