Welcome to Impromptu Shakespeare Month!

So the month of January is gone, it went so fast I do not even remember it fleeting passed but here we are, February! This month we have a lot in store for you so lets discuss all the fun things that we have in store!

The first thing to talk about is this months theme – Impromptu Shakespeare! We have not spoken to the team for quite some time and the last time was the Edinburgh Fringe 2022. This year is a big one for the team as they are going on tour and with lots of shows in the line up I wanted to find out all about it. So each Wednesday morning we will have an interview with the team about everything from tour life to Shakespeare.

Also, throughout the month we are going to have interviews with acts that are performing at the Vault Festival 2023 in London. So keep your eyes peeled as there will be a lot of great reads on the website this month!

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