Monthly Music Hitlist – January 2023

This year I have decided to keep a diary of tracks that I am enjoying so that maybe you can gain new ideas of tracks to listen to or even try out. I am keeping a diary of tracks throughout the month that stand out to me so that I can put these selected tracks into an article for you! Here is this months hitlist

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02/01 /23 – Sleepwalking Unplugged – All Time Low

This was the first song that I listened to this year, it is a track that I really enjoy and when I saw that there was an acoustic version of the song I had to make an effort to listen to it. Like a lot of All Time Low, I think I prefer the acoustic version just because they do it so well. It just brings the lyrics to life.

3/1/23 – FU ENERGY – Milk Sad

This was the first new song that I heard of 2023, it was released last year but it appeared on a playlist and it was a track I had not heard before so I am counting it as something new. It is a really unusual song that in some ways has relevance to the style of music that MODSUNs releases so if you like him then this song will be right up your street. It has a catchy little sound to it that is fun to listen to.

14/1/23 – Gossip – Maneskin feat Tom Morello

In recent months I have started to really like this band and have listened to their songs quite a lot. This was a new track they released this month and I instantly loved it. I find this track incredibly catchy and one of my favourites from the band as it has all the dynamics of a fantastic rock track.

16/1/23 – Flowers – Miley Cyrus

Originally, this was a song that I did not pay attention to but then when there was articles popping up that this was a song aimed at her ex I thought I might as well watch the video and see what they are talking about. It is a song that is actually very catchy and the chorus gets stuck in your head. Also the video has a lot to relate to her relationship with Liam Hemsworth an it was even released on his birthday.

19/1/23 – Love From The Other Side – Fall Out Boy

It was pretty great news to find out that Fall Out Boy was releasing new music this year as well as a new album. I was not expecting a new song so quickly and it was such a pleasant surprise to have this track. Sometimes when a band returns to the scene, the music can be good but not striking, this track was very complex in it’s construction and made me excited for the musical route ahead.

24/1/23 – This Is Gospel – Panic! At The Disco

When good news comes in a month, it also means that bad news is due to follow very quickly behind. I was so excited that Fall Out Boy were back but it meant that one of my other favourite bands, Panic! At The Disco announced that they were breaking up it was really sad to hear. I am so excited to see them for the first time in March this year and luckily booked tickets. They are a great band that I have been listening to right from their first single when I was 17. I know everything has to come to an end but it is sad to know there won’t be anymore albums but feel lucky to have the amount that there was. Here’s to hoping Brendan returns.

28/1/23 – Girly Drinks – Mendan Hale

It is still weird to think that Mendan Hale was once using his real name of Matty and was the lead singer in Zebrahead. However, since leaving the band he has been doing really well on the country and western scene and this is the most recent song by the musician. Even though I am not keen on the title when you listen to the lyrics you can tell it is an emotional song about his ex. However it is a very catchy track at the same time as well.

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