The Travel Book – Nardinis At The Moorings, Largs, Scotland

Now, today we are going to talk about something everyone loves when they go to the coast – Ice Cream! Today we are going to look at a place that was recommended to me as it was such a legend in the area, it was even popular in the eighties and still exists…even if it is under a slightly different name.

Nardinis At The Moorings is an ice cream parlour that is located about a five minute walk from the ferry terminal and a ten minute walk from the train station. Now, it is important to highlight that there are two Nardinis in town and I found out the reason why from the waitress.

The original Nardinis is based up the road, however in the early noughties the location and the name was bought out by someone else and now is owned by a different company entirely. The Nardinis At The Moorings is owned by the great grandson of the original owner who came up with the concept and recipes in 1935 and these are still available today.

The cafe does food and some fantastic coffee and tea which I will recommend however the reason to go to a parlour is the ice cream! Now, as you will see below in the photograph that there is many different varieties on offer and in the summer I know for a fact that this place will be full.

However, I visited on a cold rainy day in January but that was not going to stop me eating ice cream! I found that there was so many flavours to choose from and really enjoyed the experience. If you are wondering, the flavours that I had that are in the photograph are Highland Toffee, Raspberry Ripple and Chocolate.

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