Improv Corner – Improv In The Media – Reboot

There is one thing that fascinates me about improv and that is how it is portrayed in Television and Film. This is becoming more and more apparent in recent years because the comedy art form is sort of in fashion. There are some interesting topics that we can gain from these ways they are displayed so every so often we are going to look at different scenes from different shows and films.

It is always fun when you watch a show that is released in the last year and they discuss improv and it ends up being something that is actually pretty interesting. In the opening section of season 7 of episode 1 there is a section that is relevant to improv and we are going to discuss this today.

Bree decides to be part of the writers room for the day and to try and generate ideas she starts doing a version of ‘yes and’ to try and get the other writers to build upon her idea. It is a very quick skit but they mention the fact that someone blocks building on an idea and she only reacts positively to the person who takes her idea and builds upon it.

It is such a simple scene but when I watched it the scene made me laugh because in such a short time it really highlights what the world of starting to learn improv is all about. The initial time of learning about improvisation is that you start learning about yes and straight from the beginning and it can feel weird and be a very unusual thing to do if you are not used to it. This simple scene really highlights these emotions and the blocks that we all do initially because an idea seems weird.

It was nice to see improv sort of portrayed in a positive way for a change.

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