Improv Corner – Playing The Favourite – INTERVIEW with Michael Kunze

Welcome to the feature which we are going to feature ever so often as part of Improv Corner. Ever so often, we are going to talk to improv acts about some of their favourite things about the comedy form. Today we are speaking to the highly talented Michal Kunze who is in many improv troupes – Blueberry, CSI, Film Club and Track 96 Hip Hop. Be sure to check out all of his latest shows by clicking here in the meantime, let’s play a game of Playing The Favourite.

What is your Favourite:

Improv style

Long form

Short form game

Freeze Tag

Improv act 

The Bear Pack

Film or television show

White Lotus

Venue to perform at


Way to wind down

Drinks in Bristo Square

Way to warm up 

Word association


Prison Bible

Show by another improv act


Memory of a show

Blueberry did a show recently where something went wrong at the tech desk and all of the lights went out, and after a moment of confusion we incorporated it into the show and finished it out lit by people’s phone lights until the lights came back on. It was just a really magical moment and really reinforced the idea that there are no mistakes in improv, just opportunities.

Part of rehearsing a show

Hanging out with good friends making each other laugh.

Thing about performing 

Losing myself


“Success is not final. Failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts.” – Ann Lowe (she is very cool, check her out)

Thing about the improv  industry at the moment

I was at Edinburgh in August and was struck by how many narrative shows there are that are playing in the world of some pre-existing tv show or concept with a built-in audience. If I’m being perfectly honest, I found it really boring and it p****** me off. I wish there were more improv shows that are taking big risks with the form instead of doing fan-fiction with a hook. I understand that it’s easy to sell that sort of thing to an audience but we’re just at peak saturation of that kind of show and I’m sick of it. Rant over.

Thing about last year?

Edinburgh Fringe Festival! So many amazing people making really inspiring work.

If you are an improvisers or want your improv troupe to feature get in contact by emailing us at

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