Taste Of States – BEYOND THE FOOD SPECIAL – Taco Bell Chihuahua Toy

This month we are taking a look at a completely different angle at the subject of food in the USA. Food isn’t something you can just eat, it is also something you can now wear, use or even have it as a scent. One of the most crazy things I think I have seen myself was when I was in Chicago airport, and there was Bacon flavored toothpaste. Since that day in 2011 I’ve been fascinated with what else is out there. I thought it would be fun to spend this December taking another look at clothing and accessories that are inspired by food brands and snack.


There was a time when Taco Bell used to have a mascot for their brand on the form of a dog that was also turned into a toy that was something fans could purchase. In 1997 the company decided to use the breed of a Chihuahua to try and get more interest in the fast food takeaway.

Throughout the promotion there was three Chihuahua’s that were hired to play the role of the mascot. this was so that they could switch positions at any time. In the adverts it is all about the dog wanting to eat a Taco Bell after seeing a human eating the food. The adverts lead to the popularity of the term “Yo quiero…?” and stayed in the adverts for many years.

Throughout the time that this was a popular part of the franchise, there was a plush toy made for the merchandise of Taco Bell. It was a talking Chihuahua toy and said it’s famous phrase. I do not have any more information but here is one of the adverts.

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