30 Best Songs of 2022 – pt1

It has come to the point of the year when we celebrate all things music and take a look back on the year and what songs that it has provided us with. Today we have a look at the first ten in our list of greatest songs of 2022

1) Lewis Capaldi – Forget Me

In September this year, Lewis Capaldi returned to the music scene with a really catchy pop track called Forget Me. The track was the first single that the musician had released in three years. It went to number 1 in the UK Charts and went certified gold. It was followed with an announcement of a tour in the new year that sold out incredibly fast.

2) Blink-182 – Edging

This year was a very big Blink moment for huge fans like myself, the fact that Tom Delonge announced he was returning (although we are not sure for how long) and this song and a tour was announced. It is always nerve wracking to know what the new track is going to sound like but they went back straight into the Blink-182 that we knew and created this great catchy song. It came with a very Blink on trend music video and a really catchy chorus. It will be interesting to see what the future of the band entails.

3) Bad Influence – Hot Milk

Back in March, the rock band Hot Milk announced that they were releasing a brand new EP called The Kings and Queens of Gasoline and Bad Influence was the lead single to come off of this new set of tracks. The Ep had 6 different tracks on it as well.

4) 2 Be Loved (Am I Ready) – Lizzo

If there is one person who has really released some catchy tracks this year, then it is Lizzo. 2 Be Loved (Am I Ready) on the 18th July of this year and was the second song off of the new album Special. The highest the song peaked was in Australia at number 11. In the United Kingdom it charted at number 16 and has been used in lots of media.

5) – Viva Las Vengeance – Panic! At The Disco

This year saw another huge band return to the music scene- Panic! At The Disco. This single was released in June and was announced also as the name of the album that was set to be released in August. It was the first track to be released by the band in four years and it was an adventure down memory lane as the track and the album also explore growing up in Las Vegas.

6) DNA – Craig David

Craig David returned to the music scene this year with a lot of new music – one of the tracks that was on that list was the track DNA. The song was a collaboration between the musician and Galantis, It was a really catchy track and it was part of the album 22 that was released in September.

7) In The Mirror – The Interrupters

It was announced in April that the punk rock ska band The Interrupters were returning with a brand new single called In The Mirror and it was part of their fourth studio album called In The Wild. It is a fun uplifting track that if you have not heard then be sure that you take time to give it a listen.

8) Will Of The People – Muse

This year saw rock band Muse release their ninth studio album and whilst this was not the first single off of it, the song had the same name as the album. It was released on the 1st June 2022 and was the third single from the album. The song’s music video explores an alternative metaverse and deals with fictional ideologies in it. The album announcement also came with news that tour dates will happen in 2023.

9) So Good – Halsey

You may remember this song as it came with a media storm over the battle the musician was having with her record label. According to social media posts she stated that they were holding up the release of the song and it was eventually officially released on the 9th June 2022. The song went into the top 10 in the US Mainstream Top 40.

10 ) I Will Never Not Love You – Michael Buble

Michael Bublé released a few songs in 2022 but this one came with a very special music video. The whole video takes on the films and themes of Rom Coms with some very famous scenes that you will recognise. At the end it even features his wife who announces that she is pregnant which was a lovely ending.

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