Yearly Music Hitlist! – July to September 2022

All year I have decided to keep a diary of tracks that I am enjoying so that maybe you can gain new ideas of tracks to listen to or even try out. So I thought what a great way to end the year and highlight some of the tracks throughout 2022 that I have enjoyed. Here are some of my favourite tracks from April to June

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6/7/2022 – Glacial, Puppy

I like to listen to random playlists sometimes to come across new music and I discovered this song whilst I was listening to new tracks released on the rock scene. This song to me had a very nineties feel to it and reminded me of bands like the Britpop or Indie scene from that time it has a very nice musical interlude in the middle and is full of some great guitar solos.

9/7/2022 – Cafe Con Leche, Pitbull

I ended up liking this song as soon as I heard it as it has a heavy dance beat that is really catchy and automatically makes your feet tap and makes you ant to dance. Another part that is catchy is the instrument of the trumpet solos throughout that give it a great summer vibe. What a fun little track.

24/7/22 – Break Me, Maggie Lindemann & Siiickbrain

I came across this track by accident and I instantly liked it as the song is really catchy and easy to listen to. I enjoyed the way it intertwined sort of electronic sound to a rock background. This style of track is very in style at the moment but it was nice to hear a different spin on this style of music as it sounds very dramatic and has some great instrumental sections that highlight a sort of dubstep vibe.

1/8/2022 – Jailbird, The Interrupters

It is always a fun day when the band The Interrupters release new music as their tracks can be uplifting and have a great, catchy beat to their tracks. This song really brightened my day up hearing this, it has some great guitar riffs and has a hint of eighties to it as well. A true ska punk rock style track. I really like the bold music that intertwines throughout the verses.

2/8/2022 – The Road of Mine, Flogging Molly

I always forget how good this bands music is until I come across it, this is a newish track by the band and it is one of those songs that are pretty striking. It is uplifting, uptempo and really fun to listen to, the star of the show is the musical interludes that happen throughout as it really highlights their musical talents.

25/8/22 Bullets In The Dark, No Love For The Middle Child & Mod Sun

This week saw them announce the new cover for the 2023 NHL computer game, whilst I enjoy ice hockey on the Playstation the thing that I was more excited about was the playlist that goes with the game. In the past I have discovered lots of new bands and new music through playing this and always enjoy the mix of tracks that they choose for it. I came across this song whilst listening to the new playlist and found it pretty catchy. It is an older track by about two years but with this playlist I would never of come across it.

6/9/2022 – Bigger Than Me – Louis Tomlinson

I have always liked Louis Tomlinson’s solo music and I find that this return to music is a great one and I find this track a really catchy one and always find myself listening to it. It is a bit like a ballad with a very uplifting chorus. I like Louis music because it is individual, he is not trying to be like Harry Styles, he is bringing his own unique style.

13/9/2022 Forget Me , Lewis Capaldi

This was the week that Lewis Capaldi returned to the music scene with a brand new track. It took me a while to start liking his music but now I quite like a few of them. This was on of those tracks that instantly grew on me when I heard it and instantly liked. It is a catchy track with a fun little chorus.

16/9/2022 – No Future? Yeah Right, YMAS feat Rou Reynolds, Enter Shikari

I quite like this song as it has the right amount of heavy guitars, electronica and great lyrics to make it a catchy track. It is a real classic track that sort of has echoes and essences of the early 2010’s and if you listen to tracks from this time you will notice a similarity.

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