Yearly Music Hitlist! – April to June 2022

All year I have decided to keep a diary of tracks that I am enjoying so that maybe you can gain new ideas of tracks to listen to or even try out. So I thought what a great way to end the year and highlight some of the tracks throughout 2022 that I have enjoyed. Here are some of my favourite tracks from April to June

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8/4/2022 – Blame It On The Beat, Josh Ramsay

I have waited ages for the lead singer of Marianas Trench to release solo music as I felt it would be a really interesting to hear what he will bring to the table. The album did not disappoint and it had so many different genres on it that it was so fun to hear. I think out of all the new tracks this was the one that really stood out for me and is so catchy.

11/4/2022 – Die Out Here – De’WAyne feat Poorstacy

It took me by surprise when I saw that De’Wayne had released new music and it was an exciting thing to discover on this day. This track is catchy and it has a great sound to it. It is a track that is very pop punk rocky and the guitar riffs really life this track to another level. I really like this track and think it is one of my favourites from him so far.

13/4/2022 – Painkiller, Dreamers

This song has a really catchy beat to it and is so easy to fall in love with this track, the beat is uplifting and it is a track that is a great driving track. I find that Dreamers songs are very easy to become addicted to as they have a great way of making you tapping your feet along to the beat. It is a track that will be great for summer.

3/5/2022 – As It Was, Harry Styles

I was not sure at first for a very long time if i liked this song but it has grown on me. It is quite an alternative sounding pop song but it is grows on you and it becomes incredibly catchy. I really like the jingly sound to it that breaks up the chorus and verses throughout as it creates a sense of pace and energy.

13/5/2022 – Funeral Grey, Waterparks

I find that Waterparks are this band that tend to release songs that have such a catchy beat and sound to them that you cannot help yourself but listen to the track on repeat. Funeral Grey is one of those songs that when you hear it you want to keep repeating it, the lyrics may be simple but it is the drum beat and the guitar riffs that are addictive.

21/5/2022 – Broken, Palaye Royale

Palaye Royale released a new emotional track this month and it is one of those songs that has a lot of passion behind it and the slow part of the song really allows you to feel that. The chorus has this dramatic sound to it that really makes it a stand out track for the band.

1/6/2022 – Viva Las Vengeance, Panic! At The Disco

On the first of the month Panic released a brand new single after a couple of years break and I was so excited. I was expecting it to be amazing and it did not disappoint. The track has got me so excited for the new album in August and I cannot wait to see where this new music adventure takes them.

2/6/2022 – Haven’t Found You Yet, Blue

Back when I was a teenager I was a huge fan of Blue and since then I have kept an eye on their music and ended up liking some of their recent tracks including their album Roulette. When this song was released I decided to listen and really loved it and felt it was one of the best songs that they have released in recent years. It is really catchy as well.

10/6/2022 – Skin of my Teeth, Demi Lovato

After hearing Demi Lovato collaboration with Fall Out Boy a few years ago, I was convinced that Demi’s voice was incredible and would be perfect for a rock genre. This track does not disappoint and it is a really great track and a statement that what the world can look forward to from the album.

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