Monthly Music Hitlist – November 2022

This year I have decided to keep a diary of tracks that I am enjoying so that maybe you can gain new ideas of tracks to listen to or even try out. I am keeping a diary of tracks throughout the month that stand out to me so that I can put these selected tracks into an article for you! Here is this months hitlist

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03/11/22 – I’m a Mess, Avril Lavigne featuring Yungblud

When the news came about that there was going to be a duet between Avril and Yungblud it may of come as a surprise to some people – but considering they go round in the same circles with Travis Barker and Machine Gun Kelly I was not that surprised. This is a sort of ballad style track and it is nice because it has a catchy chorus. The video is interesting to watch as well.

4/11/22 – Never Gonna Not Dance Again, P!nk

This song is really catchy and has a chorus that is hard not to sing along with when you hear it. The track is catchy and also uplifting at the same time. The lyrics have a really positive theme to them and I feel like the song has some sort of samples of other popular tracks in it but I may be wrong.

8/22/22 – Just Lose It, Eminem

I was travelling a lot this particular day and as part of my journey I felt it was a good day to listen to the hits of Eminem as I had not listen to his music in such a long time. I actually forgot this track existed and I used to listen to this musician a lot so it was a lovely delight to hear it again. When I got home I had to re watch the music video as I knew it was aimed at Michael Jackson and had not seen it since the #metoo movement.

9/11/22 – The Poison, Alkaline Trio

Sometimes you just want to listen to t a great rock track when you are doing your everyday business and this was a day when I was travelling and wanted to listen to Alkaline Trio. I really like the musical interludes in this track as they have a really creative feel to them that is different to other tracks by the band. I really love the album that this is off as well as it has some fantastic tracks on it.

10/11/22 – Hallucinate, Yours Truly feat Josh Franceschi

This is a great rock track and it is great to hear these two great bands merged together to create a really catchy track. It is fast paced, it introduces a really unique sound created with guitars and electric sounds and it is a delight to the ears. Their voices together of the two front members of both Yours Truly and You Me At six work really well and it is a really fun track.

11/11/22 – Chemicals, American Teeth

I came across this song on one of my daily playlists on Spotify – I had never heard it before and found it instantly intriguing. The track takes elements that are very relevant in modern music and takes a sort of spin on it to give it a more modern twist. It is a catchy track and I would recommend a listen.

16/11/22 – Save Our Souls, The Blackout

It was announced that The Blackout were returning to the music scene which was very exciting because I was a fan of their music before they broke up. They have had some really great tracks over the time they were together but this one will always be my favourite. It is so catchy, has such a fantastic chorus and so addictive.

25/11/22- Out Of My System, Louis Tomlinson

I have really enjoyed listening to the new album by Louis Tomlinson as it is actually really good! This song was one of the stand out tracks for me as I find it really catchy. This track is fast paced, catchy and has a really fun chorus. I know that a lot of people rave about Harry Styles music but I got to say, half the time I actually prefer Louis solo albums as I enjoy more tracks on them.

30/11/22 – Promiscuous, Nelly Furtado

I am trying a new little test out at the moment on Spotify to do with music. I listen to a lot of tracks and it can get to a point where it can be very repetitive trying to create new playlists from it – so I thought it would be fun to choose music in a new way. I may do a feature about this next year but at the moment I am currently listening to a playlist solely of red single covers. I did not look at which tracks that I added so it was a nice delight when this popped up as I had not heard this track in such a long time.

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