Yearly Music Hitlist! – January to March 2022

All year I have decided to keep a diary of tracks that I am enjoying so that maybe you can gain new ideas of tracks to listen to or even try out. So I thought what a great way to end the year and highlight some of the tracks throughout 2022 that I have enjoyed. Here are some of my favourite tracks from January to March.

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3/1/22 – 24k Magic, Bruno Mars

The year for me started off really getting back into Bruno Mars and dancing a lot to some of his songs. This track was one that really stood out and made me smile to listen to it. It is a great little track and it is one of those songs that you forget is part of his back catalogue.

12/1/22 – Barcelona, Twin Atlantic

I was listening to another playlist on Spotify and this track came on and I didn’t know who it was. This year I have started to listen to Twin Atlantic a lot more as I have started to realise I like some of their music. I think this was the first song I heard from the band and it is really catchy and very unique.

25/1/22 We Don’t Talk About Bruno, Encanto

I saw the film Encanto at the beginning of the month and enjoyed it and like everyone I found the songs pretty catchy and this one is one of the best. It is really easy to have this song pop up into your head like an earworm and it is only the chorus.

7/2/22 – Cali Sun, Ocean Grove

I was listening to random playlists again on Spotify and came across this track by Ocean Grove and it is really catchy that it has ended up being added to all my regular circulations. It is a fun little track, catchy and has an uplifting sound to it. It is a great track to have split up a playlist. It has a real nineties feel about this song as well.

18/2/22 – Projector, Set It Off

Set It Off are a band that I always like their songs, I don’t listen to them too much but whenever their songs come on I am always heading to my Spotify to find out who is singing the song I am enjoying. This is one of those tracks that i just described. It is really catchy and has a good beat that it is hard not to like it.

19/2/22 – KULT, Stece Aoki, Grandson, Jasiah

I like looking at new music releases and this song popped up and I instantly liked it as it was so unusual and had a great dance great to it. The more songs I hear with Grandson, the more I like their music because its so different to s lot of musicians out there. This track is upbeat, has a great drop and is just really good.

11/3/22 – The Funeral, Yungblud

I wasn’t sure when i first heard this if I actually liked this but like any Yungblud track, the more I hear it the more I like it. This song took a while to grow on me and only did when I had it on repeat whilst I was working to a deadline and noticed that I was dancing along to it in my chair.

14/3/22 – Paralyzed, Sueco

This song has been on my playlists for ages and it is so catchy and I always look to see who is singing it. The track has a mixture of emo, heavy guitars and a tad of hip hop to make this really unique track. I really love this song, I think it is one of my favourite songs of the year so far.

21/3/33 – Beautiful Day, Michael Bublé

When it is a sunny day there is only one track that I love playing and it is this song. It is such a great track and it has this uplifting feel to it that makes you want en[joy the day and live life up in the sunshine. It also has a really fun music video with it as well.

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