The Travel Book At Christmas – Fashionable Christmas in Luxembourg…

Since I write about Christmas every year on here, it can be sometimes really difficult to think about what the next topic will be. Well, this year I had an idea an decided to roll with it, as it is a unique area that we have not discussed before and thought it would be fun to talk about. Christmas decorations, they are a fun thing but the one area we have not really covered is how they are displayed in public places such as hotels, airports and everything in between. So this year we are going to head out of my travels and talk about different places that I have been to that really stood out in regards to decorations. For our first location we are heading to none other then the Sofitel hotel in Luxembourg.

In 2019, we were in Eastern France for Christmas and decided to cross the border and spend Christmas Eve and Day in Luxembourg. We booked  a last minute room in the Sofitel in the town centre. The first place on our Christmas decoration exploration is a very simple display but also incredibly effective and that is why I have chosen to talk about it.

The main decorations were in the hotel lobby, when you walked through the door there were lots of Christmas trees. They were all different sizes and they were decorated in big white bows and baubles. Underneath both of the trees there was lots of presents had been placed in similar wrapping paper. Even though these were really pretty, these were not the main decorations that stood out to me.

The whole display was centred around a fashion designer, off of the top of my mind, I cannot remember who it was but there was a dress in the style of their design. This dress however, was very different to any Christmas decoration I had seen.  The dress had been made out of leibkuchen and gingerbread.

It was such a unique dress and Christmas decoration that it always stuck in my mind because it was so unique, it also had a strong smell of ginger to it. All the different layers of the dress (which had been stuck to the mannequin with icing) had different designs on it – this also sort of showed off Luxembourg as it displayed what there was available in nearby shops.

To finish off the look there was a necklace on the mannequin which was made of beads which made the skirt of the dress look even more stylish as it all went together so well.

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