Festive Celebrations Have Come To The Phoenix Remix!

It is the last month of the year! How did that even happen?! That came around so quickly this year that I cannot believe that I am already writing this! So it is December so that means only one thing – it is time for festive celebrations!

This month we have lots on offer for you – we have interviews from some of the great shows that are being performed at this time of year, we have interviews with musicians about up and coming tracks and look at the music that was released in 2022.

Also, both Comedy Cinema, Music Memories and Forgotten Songs have turned festive this month and will be looking at some holiday favourites as well as some that you may not know! The Travel Book is taking you on a holiday adventure and Taste Of States is looking at merchandise you can get for certain fast food chains.

So whatever you are doing this December we hope that you find some fun on here to read along the way!

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