The Single Sessions – Lucid In The Fall, Plastic Barricades

Welcome to the feature where we look at new singles coming onto the music scene. Today we look at the brand new single Lucid In The Fall that was released by the band Plastic Barricades.

Why not kick off your Friday with this brand new track by Plastic Barricades as it is going to make your day that little bit brighter. The song Lucid In The Fall is a charming, melodic track that can be defined of having a sense of calmness whilst also having an uplifting, upbeat tempo to it. The track has a sort of musical vibe that could be classed as reminiscent of the eras of the nineties and the early noughties.

The single comes off of the brand new album We Stayed Indoors which is about experiences in lockdown, this is evident in the lyrics as there is an essence of the world that we all experienced in 2020 and the weird feelings that we all had. It is a track where you can escape reading into those emotions however it is also a track that allows you to engage with those feelings if you desire.

The music is really enticing to listen to – the stand out parts of the track include the guitars that create this really unique melody that intertwines around the lyrics and feels like they are taking you on a journey or adventure and exploration. It also creates a sense of the idea that you are lost metaphorically in the thoughts of someone experiencing this ‘weird world’ in 2020.

The lead singer and songwriter Dan’s voice is the star of the track and really brings this world of the song together. The way that it highlights the feelings and the emotion based in this track is really important and makes it a song that you can easily listen to if you were driving in the car or on a hot autumnal day.

The music video is also something that we have to discuss and is something you may want to check out as well as it as made with the assistance of cutting-edge artificial intelligence technologies and image-to-text algorithms, which makes the viewing experience very interesting.

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