Listed! – This Week – Favourite Books

Welcome to the feature where every fortnight we will explore different topics that are listed in the book A List A Day by Paperchase. They range from food, music and travel to really random topics so I thought it wold be a fun one to talk about throughout the year!

Today’s List: Favourite Books

I love reading, it is one of my favourite things to do – get lost in a great narrative with a good cup of tea, a comfy chair and a great view (if you can do that it can make it even better!) So today I thought I would talk about some of my favourite books.

Moriarty – Anthony Horowtiz

This is a book that any Sherlock Holmes fan will really enjoy, it is really sympathetic to the original material and does not ignore the Sherlock world instead it enhances it. This is a book that you would love to be turned into a film or television series but know that it could never work because it is all in the writing. The book takes you on a great adventure. It is really well written and has lots of twists and turns along the way.

Happy Slapped By A Jellyfish – Karl Pilkington

Sometimes all we want is a lighthearted read where the author just goes on and moans constantly about every little small thing the world that no-one else would probably moan about – well if that is the book you are after then at book is written by Karl Pilkington. There was a time when Karl wrote a diary and in that diary he wrote about all the holidays he went on and various days at home.

Fans of the Ricky Gervais Show will be very familiar with some of these diary entries as they were read aloud on the show, however they are also part of this book. The one thng that fans of the show love about Karl was the way he talks about his girlfriend and what they get up to. You just need to read a few pages of this book to realise why people find Karl hilarious. A pure gem of a book if you just want to laugh at a moaning man who moans about everything and gets pleasure out of someone who loves the little things in life.

Classic Scrapes – James Acaster

If you are looking for a book that explores embarrassing moments that will make your calamities look tiny and nothing special, then this is the book you must read and is one that is going to make you laugh out loud. A lot. James is one of those people where he always ends up in the most unique and craziest scenarios and some of these just happen to be about dating and they are pure laugh out loud hilarious.

Can You Keep A Secret? – Sophie Kinsella

If you are looking for a great romcom then this is the book for you as it has everything you need. A good original story, with characters that are easy to associate with. It is a really fun book and something that you can really enjoy when you have time to read. There is a film version of this book on Netflix but I recommend you avoid at all costs and just read the book as it is so much better.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban –J.K Rowling

Out of all the Harry Potter books, this one is my favourite as I remember the twists and turns blew my mind as a kid. Even though it is one of the shorter books it is definitely one of the bests. There is so much to love about this book and I really think the film version did this story an injustice. I will never get bored of reading this books as it is so good.

The Life of Lee – Lee Evans

Out of all the autobiographies I have read, i found this one to be the most engaging and I am still holding onto a thread of hope that Lee may write a second book. First of all let me tell you this up front, it is very long and it is because Lee goes in depth which is something that not all people do in a book. It’s not a book of young and them boom straight to stardom, no it focusses on his struggles of getting to that place in the first place. It is a really heartwarming story with a lot of struggles that even if you are not a fan of Lee Evans, you end up walking away with a lot of respect you never thought you had. You also walk away with something I have never experienced with other autobiographies, a sense of hope. Now let me explain this a bit better. It is the first book i have read where you can really feel the words come alive when he explains his family. Its not just words, you can feel the love that is flowing in his veins for his wife and daughter flow out of the book. You walk away wanting to know about the next chapter of his life and admiration that he has written such an intense book.

The Kid Who Climbed Everest, Bear Grylls

This is one of the first books that I read by Bear Gryll’s and I loved it as it is very action packed. Some people tend to wonder why I am such a huge Bear fan and then I say read his autobiography and his books. He has been through a lot and the determination that he had means that he pushed to do what he does today. This book I found really interesting, well described and really plants you into the centre of the action. I think that this book highlights the dangers and the efforts it takes to climb to the top of Everest.

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