Musical Sliding Doors – This Week – Indie Music

This month I thought it would be interesting to look at music in a different way. I was listening to a song the other day and I thought to myself ‘if this was the first song I had heard of this band would I like them and be a fan or listen to more of their tracks?’

So, for this month, I thought it would be interesting to look at a number of different bands and whether certain songs, if i had heard them first would of pulled me in to want to listen to more of that bands music. Now, that is not to say that any of the songs are bad, it is all personal opinion, but it was just a little thing that stuck in my brain and I wanted to explore. Each week, I will be exploring a different genre and looking at different tracks at different times in the musicians career to discuss the impact it would of had on me. This week we are looking at the genre of indie music and just a few bands.

Arctic Monkeys

I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor

I remember when this song came out and remember the hype around it, as it became one of the the first tracks that got to number one due to streaming and MySpace promotion. I remember the first time I saw the music video and thinking it was pretty raw and had similarities to older videos. It was a song that was truly unique and started a whole new generation of indie music. It was really catchy, striking and a great track.

Why Do You Only Call Me When You High?

I don’t mind some of the newer tracks of the bands but I do believe that if I had heard it as their first song, I do not think it would of had the impact or it would of been something that would of lead me to pay this band attention. This song is ok but I would not say that it was one of my favourite Arctic Monkey tracks it is a bit tame for them and does sound like a lot of other bands indie tracks.


Don’t Look Back in Anger

I have a lot of happy memories listening to Oasis when I was a kid and What’s The Story Morning Glory? is one of my favourite albums and there are so many great tracks to choose from but I thought I would go with a classic. This is a song that defines just how amazing Oasis are and it is one of those songs that you can sing your hear out with anyone and really have a great time.

Part of the Queue

This is another interesting song by Oasis and it is a song that is catchy and I always though a fun one for a summers day. However, even though I would like it, I don’t think it would of been a song strong enough to make me a hardcore fan of the band. It is good, but it is also a track that you can forget about easily.

Kaiser Chiefs

Modern Way

Right from the start, I was a fan of the Kaiser Chiefs, they were so different, punchy and had really catchy songs. Their first album was amazing as well. This was their third or fourth single and I loved it so much. it was a great track even though it was slower and I really liked the structure of the music.

Zombie Prom

This is one of their most recent song and whilst it is pretty catchy I would say that I think that if this was the first song I had heard of the band I would of maybe listened once and then not really paid attention again. I find the lyrics are a bit silly and do not personally appeal to me. To be fair, it was recorded for Halloween in lockdown

…and sometimes it goes the other way

Sometimes you are not a fan of a musicians songs until you hear one track a lot later that changes your perspective.


Club Foot

Kasabian are a bad I couldn’t stand, I could never see the fascination of them and would never listen to their music. I heard Club Foot in their early days and I just could not get on with them. I just didn’t like their sound and I found it unusual and not something I would enjoy. I think it was because it felt quite an ambiguous track and I vaguely remember the first tine I sae the video and wasn’t a fan.


It was only when I saw Kasabian live that I completely changed my opinion on them, it was this song when the confetti fell and a big inflatable ball was thrown into the audience that I realised how much I actually liked them. Since that concert I was dragged along to, I have become a fan of their music and really love it. I even like Club Foot now as well.

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