Improv Corner – Playing The Favourite – INTERVIEW with Improbotics

Welcome to the feature which we are going to have ever so often as part of Improv Corner. We are going to spend time talking to improv acts about some of their favourite things about the comedy form. Today we speak to Piotr Mirowski, one of the founders of the troupe Improbotics. You may remember that about a year ago we released a video taking a behind the scenes look at the world of improv and robots, if not check it out below. Today I find out all about parts of improv that are better then the rest in a game I like to call Playing The Favourite.

What is your Favourite:

Improv style

Emotionally grounded. Then the AI-controlled improviser (the Cyborg) comes with a wrecking ball of absurdity.

Short form game

Speed dating, where the Cyborg goes on a set of ever surprising dates.

Show by another improv act 

Improvised TEDx talks by Julian Faid and Kory Mathewson. Bonus points when the slides are prepared by AI.

Film or television show

Definitely not Terminator. How about Robot and Frank, Big Hero 6 or Wall-E instead?

Venue to perform at

That’s a trick question, as we do not want to offend any theatre out there 🙂

In Cyberspace of course, using the Virtual Director! It is so much better than regular improv on Zoom, as it puts the performers on the same image, with backgrounds and foregrounds, creating a shared space. That’s how we rehearsed and performed during the pandemic, and it was a lifeline for all of us.

Way to wind down

Rebooting the computers for the next show. Also a good meal, and a party of Cards Against Humanity.

Way to warm up 

Tell a story, one word at a time. That’s how A.L.Ex works!


“Electric sheep”.

Memory of a show

The improvised “technical difficulty” dance.

Part of rehearsing a show

When we realise that both the humans and the tech are confident and comfortable.

Thing about performing 

Improvising is like walking a tight rope, and the audience is cheering for you. With an AI in the mix, the rope can get longer. Or become two, or a flying carpet, taking you on a ride.


Anything that A.L.Ex, our AI chatbot, comes up with!

Thing about the improv  industry at the moment

The last two years were very difficult, but like in all crises, we have come out transformed. A global community of improvisers was built, who now try to improvise together despite the distance. During the lockdowns, we have had remote shows in the US, UK, France and Romania. Now we are taking part in Fliegende Funken in Bremen, Germany, where two live casts and audiences, in Leicester, UK and in Bremen, Germany, are connecting to do a show that defies physical borders.

Thing about this year so far?



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