The Travel Book

The Travel Book – A Grand Day Out – Eastbourne

When you go to a day trip to somewhere, you do not always want to go to a tourist attraction, instead you want to visit a place of beauty that is visually pretty and go for a really good walk. Well, there is one place that you could go for your day trip and that is Eastbourne. 

There are so many great walks in the area and whenever I have visited I have walked for miles because the coast is just so beautiful. The most common walk is heading up to Beachy head as it is really high and gives you spectacular views however it is dangerous so be careful as there have been many deaths on them and the wind can be really strong so be sure to look at the weather forecast before you head up them.

For me though, my favourite walk is actually in the other direction walking towards Pevensey Bay because the beach becomes less touristy the more you walk and it means that you are welcomed to some amazing views because of this. There are parts of the beach that are pretty rural and on a summary day, or even a cold winters day, it will make a wonderful walk.

My favourite thing about the walk is all the wild flowers that you come across on the beach growing – it really is unique and great to see as it attracts bumble bees.

However, if you visit Eastbourne, it is not all about walking, the town centre is also a fun place to go to as there are a lot of shops and is the perfect place to maybe find a bargain! Also there are lots of options for food as well that you may enjoy just having a chilled day out instead of walking everywhere!

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