Sunday Book Club -All Dogs Great and Small, Graeme Hall

Every Sunday we are taking a look at the world of books. I read a lot and always want to share my opinions on what I read, so I thought it would be fun to write reviews. Today we are going to look at a book that is going to explore the world of dogs.

All Dogs Great and Small: What I’ve Learned Training Dogs (2021)

Graeme Hall


The star of TV’s Dogs Behaving Badly holds forth about the many and varied canine behaviour issues he’s had to contend with over his career in this warm-hearted and hilarious memoir.

– from Waterstones

Positive Points

This is a great book for dog lovers, those who have them as pets or people who are a fan of the Channel 5 show Dogs Behaving Badly. It has some really great advice and fun stories along the way about different dogs Graeme has met and how he has helped their owners with problems that they have had.

Negative Points

I suppose the fact that this book is written by a dog trainer means that in some ways elements of some of the training may make elements a bit less fun. I will say that I will never be able to look at a dog tail in the same way ever again!

Overall Review

This is a really good read and you learn so much about dogs along the way as it also speaks about the history and the science of dogs. Throughout, Graeme also explores his own personal experience with his own dogs as well which makes it very personal at times as well.

Rating : **** 4 Stars

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