James Walsh Month – INTERVIEW – Factually Inaccurate

Welcome to October and this month we have a special treat for you! The name James Walsh may sound familiar to you and that is because he has written a few articles for The Phoenix Remix and he is also one of our reviewers! Well this month we get to know James that little bit more! This week we talk all about the comedy show Factually Inaccurate.

We cannot speak to you without talking about Factually Inaccurate – how did the idea come about?

I wanted to perform regularly and thought if I set up my own night that would force me to do stand up at least once a month. It hasn’t, really, but hey – it’s a wonderful, unique night!

You have had some great acts perform at the event, tell us all about some of the highlights?

I’m still buzzing from having my teenage hero Simon Munnery headline our last show. He was just as brilliant as I had hoped. 

A special mention too for our returning champions Charlie Vero-Martin and Richard Vranch. They are the spirit of the night and I need to invite them back soon.

What makes your evening different from other ones that are available in London?

It’s run by owls.

A recent show poster

When are your next shows in October, November and December?

October 12th: Sharlin Jahan, Lulu Poppelwell and more TBC

November: no show planned currently as Hoopla didn’t give us a date, but might do one elsewhere.

December 14th: Christmas special with Vix Leyton, my favourite living architecture writer, and Euan the Anteater.

How do you warm up to host the show?

I worry if anyone is going to turn up.

How do you wind down after a show?

Having a drink downstairs with friends and (if they can stay) some of the acts is always a genuine joy

Your posters for the shows have an illustration of an owl on them – where did the inspiration for that come from?

The thing is we’re run by owls, so if we didn’t stick an illustration of an owl on the poster the owls would carry us off in their mighty talons, and feed us to their young.

If they want to find out more about the show, where should they visit?

Why should people come and check out the show?

Serious answer: there’s nothing else like it in London. We have a remit we only occasionally explain to our acts, a tendency to the absurd, and the best booking policy south of the North Pole.

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